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With releases on some of the most revered labels in music including Saved, Air London and of course Luciano's Cadenza, Robert Dietz has now become one the most respected Producer / DJs in house. Not one to conform and go with the crowd, his own take on the techier side of house has won support from of the biggest names and has now propelled him to icon status. We caught up with him recently ahead of his appearance at Connected this Saturday to find out a little more.

Connected with Robert Dietz & Love Not Money Records Showcase
Saturday 24th November at Cable, London

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Your roots lay firmly in Hip-Hop and this grew into a love of house & techno music. Tell us about your musical progression.

Hip-hop wasn’t really a part of my roots but it had definitely the biggest influence on me when I was growing up. My musical progression started with metal and punk in the late 80s early 90s and then onto hip hop, drum and bass and finally techno and house - I was always interested in all different kinds of genres and tried to explore as much as possible. Even today I still listen to a lot of Hip Hop, but also classical music, jazz and indie rock.

This journey from Hip Hop to House & Techno is mirrored throughout electronic music with Loco Dice springing to mind as another example. Why do you think this is?

It’s even more relevant to Dice as he actually was a successful and well-known Hip Hop DJ in Germany way before he started his career as a techno DJ. But I think the way house, techno and Hip Hop use sampling is something which brings all three genres together very well.

You're just off the back of another incredible season in Ibiza. How was it? Any top tips for surviving the white Isle?

Ibiza this year has been another successful season and I’m very happy to see that the underground house and techno music is taking over the island. It is great to see that there are so many new and exciting nights around and that people are partying during the day again as well as at night.
I’ve had the chance to visit the island a lot during the last 10 years, I even lived there for over 6 months around two years ago and I have to say as long as you find a balance between how you spend your time there and don’t get lost in a club until Wednesday morning it’s a lot easier to survive - but of course the problem is the temptation is always there. ☺

The ever-evolving Ibiza has gone through many periods, some good, some bad. If you were able to go back to Ibiza and play in any year, what year would it be?

That would definitely be 2003 when I came there for the first time - I would love to play in the old dc10 or the old open air Space Terrace. The vibe of these daytime parties right under the sun was something really special!

How would you say London stacks up against the other electronic music epicentres such as Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam?

In my opinion London is one of the most interesting cities even in the world for electronic music. I always enjoy playing there as it has such an amazing and educated crowd and great underground venues as well as its most famous clubs.

You’re about to drop a compilation on Arkitekt Records which is surprisingly your first recorded mix ever. Why did you decide this was the right time to release this?

I was actually waiting for the right label and moment to realise a project like this. When Arkitekt came to me with the idea for the compilation and told me about their plans and future ideas for the brand new label I was very convinced by it.
From the beginning I really liked their idea of starting something completely new, with a blank page on our both sides. This project was a debut for them and for me and I just felt it was right if we made this first step together.

What artists are you doing it for you right now?

In particular there is a collective called “Hard Work Soft Drink” from my hometown Frankfurt who are just about to release their first EP on their own new label. It’s always good to see fresh artists with a lot of talent both as producers and DJ’s bringing interesting and great music to the world.

What's been the craziest afterparty you've been / played at?

A gentleman never tells… wink

This is going to be your debut gig for Connected, what can we expect from you on the night?

A wild but well blended selection of house and techno tunes from both future and past ☺
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