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We caught up with the ever illusive SIS, of Cocoon fame, for a chat ahead of his performance for Talk Is Cheap later this month. Known to his family as Burak Sar, SIS has been keeping a relatively low profile since his percussive, loop-driven anthems 'Standing' and 'Trompeta' were ripping dancefloors to shreds back in 2007 and 2008 respectively. We say 'low profile' but with a string of releases on Cecille, Get Physical, his own Cocolino Records and Villalobos' Sei es Drum over the past half decade, he's hardly been in hiding!

We also sourced a decent mix from the man recorded live at Cirque Bonheur in Paris late last year. Enjoy.

Talk Is Cheap at Relay, London with SIS - Saturday 25th August

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Hey, how's it going? Lets roll things back to day 1. Where and when did you discover your love for house music and where did it all begin?

Hey, my first steps with music began around 1989 when I started to play the Turkish guitar and piano step by step. I tried all the instruments I liked and ended up with drums and a 2 man group of rock music covering Metallica and Guns N Roses! I don't remember the time but once I met a guy who changed my life about music; Dennis T. In his basement at his family home I got in touch for the first time with turntables and house music

What is the one piece of kit that you couldn’t be without in your studio?

Studio?! My one and only piece I couldn't be without is my mac cause this is my big (little) studio with ableton inside. That and a Zoom H2 Handy recorder are my only tools to make music, I just bought it a short while ago along with the Moog SlimPhatty Synth and the MFB-522 Drumcomputer... Less is more smile

How methodical are you in the studio or do you let your creative side do the talking and things develop naturally?

There are no rules and no methods behind my work.

What personal piece of music or remix has stood out for you and why and which do you tend to play the most?

'Thomas Melchior & Luciano - Father'... Cause I'm in love.

What releases and remixes do you have planned for 2012?

Out now is my remix for George Morel and my EP for Kaato Music. And not forgetting my EP on Crosstown.

Are you looking forward to coming and playing in London for only the 2nd time!?

Yes I spent a lot of time trying to make it happen. My visa has kept me away for too long and I couldn't give away my pass cause of my flights for the rest of my gigs :(

What do you most like to do when your away from the studio or gigging?

I spend my time with my horse and have a ride at the forest of Berlin and chill in with my dog.

Who are you most feeling within the scene at the moment, is there anyone that you’re really keeping an eye on or a particular artist whose sound you are digging right now?

Cristian Viviano is the most talented artist for me right now, he catches me with some unreleased tracks and also release stuff.

Finally, we’re big fans of you but have only seen your incredible live sets in Ibiza and at Fabric what can we at Talk Is Cheap expect from a SIS DJ set?

Soul in your mind smile

Quick fire questions:

Favourite food?
Moms food

Favourite film?

Never-ending story

Favourite track of all time?

No Ordinary Love - Sade

Favourite club?
Too many!

Favourite city?


Favourite live artist?
Pier Bucci

Favourite DJ?
Mathias Kaden
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