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House jock Soul Minority has delivered a sultry selection of deep beats for your aural pleasure ahead of his forthcoming set at Talk Is Cheap. The man's also a whizz in the studio having released acclaimed cuts on Kolour Recordings, Tsuba, Dirt Crew and Raw Cutz among others and frankly it shows. The set is programmed to perfection and really captures his trademark deep house flow. We also pinned him down for an interview where we talked Vietnamese food, Ipod selections and favorite DJs.

Let’s start by finding a little bit about how you first got into producing Where and when did you discover your love for house music and where did it all begin?

I started producing house back in the late nineties. I was living in London at the time and I was going out a lot, to a lot of parties. I’ve been really influenced by listening to DJs like Derrick Carter, Cajmere or Derrick May, those guys had a big influence on my decision to make house music.

What is the one piece of kit that you couldn’t be without in your studio?

When I started making music, I was using hardware equipment only, a sampler, a few keyboards, and a computer running Cubase with no audio and no VST. It was very limited if you compare to what you can do with software now, but it was a great set up. I’m still using some of those machines from time to time, I kept most of them. But if I have to choose only one piece of kit, it would be my Yamaha NS10 speakers. I know it’s not a really funky choice, they sound pretty bad, they have very little bass, but I’m so used to them, they are very neutral, if something sounds right on them it will sound right everywhere...

How methodical are you in the studio or do you let your creative side do the talking and things develop naturally?

I don't have any rules. I always like to start with fresh ideas; I try different things until something works. I also really like little accidents, unexpected things!

What personal (Soul Minority) piece of music or remix has stood out for you and why?

Six Nine, I did this track in just a few hours. Every element fell into place so smoothly, that was amazing. The entire EP is good, with remixes from Atjazz, Rick Wade and Bleep District.

What releases and remixes do you have planned for 2012?

2012 is a big year for me, I’ll release my debut album in June, on Detroit’s Kolour Recordings label. I spent more than a year working on it and I'm really proud of the result. I think it really reflects my musical taste. The vibe is house, disco and soul and blues, there's lots of guitars, the tempo is pretty slow, and it works well in clubs or at home or in your car. I think people will really be surprised by the result. Apart from that, I’ve just finished some remixes recently for various labels, they should be out soon...

Are you looking forward to coming and playing in London?

Yeah, I’m really excited to play in London, I really love the audience in London ! If it wasn’t for the shitty weather, I would definitely still live there!

What three songs are played most on your ipod?

My own album has been on heavy rotation on my ipod, because I wanted to try it in different situations, different cities. Apart from that, 'Symmetry - Themes From an Imaginary Film', I'm listening to this album a lot when I'm cycling and Terry Callier - Dancing Girl.

What do you most like to do when away from the studio or gigging?

Cycling, I like to have exercise and fresh air when i'm not in my dark and smokey studio

Who are you most feeling within the scene at the moment, who should we look out for in 2012?

I really like what Nicholas is doing at the moment, I love his old school sound. His debut album "Still Playing house" is awesome.

Finally what can expect from from your performance at Talk Is Cheap on Saturday?

House, Deep House and more House !

Quickfire Qs....

Favourite food?

Anything Vietnamese.

Favourite film?

2001 A Space Odyssey

Favourite track of all time?

Priscillia Paris - My window

Track you would most like to remix?

Anything by Nina Simone, I love her voice.

Favourite club?

360 in Dubai

Favourite city?


Favourite live artist?

The Dirtbombs

Favourite DJ?

Laurent Garnier


Talk Is Cheap with Phil Weeks, Soul Minority & more - Friday 6th April

DJs: Phil Weeks (Robsoul Recordings - Raw Instrumental Album Tour), Soul Minority, Matt Jam Lamont (Tuff Jam), Sam Divine - Miss Divine , Jedd Barry, Chris Solo, Loud Minority DJs: Melvo Baptiste & Russ Jay.

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