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Smooth & Markoman, otherwise known as Telekinesis, are the Slovenian based DnB duo that have been causing quite a stir. With support from some of the most respected producers within DnB, including Ed Rush, Matrix & Futurebound, Pendulum, Chris Renegade and of course Black Sun Empire, 2013 is set to be a big year for the boys.

Ahead of their appearance at Blackout this Saturday featuring Hazard, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Optical and more, the boys have put this exclusive mix together for us.

We Fear Silence present Blackout with Hazard, BSE & more
Saturday 12th january at Cable, London

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1. Hans Zimmer - 528491
2. Neil Davidge - Revival (The Clamps Remix)
3. Aeph - One Last Chance (Lifted Music)
4. Telekinesis - Eyes Closed (dub)
5. Task Horizon & Kryteria - Letting Go (Task Horizon Remix) (C4C)
6. Hedj & Neonlight - System Error (Jade Remix) (TRIM Free)
7. Telekinesis - Pocket full of drops feat. Coppa (Eatbrain)
8. Maztek & NC-17 - Earworm feat KC (Mainframe)
9. Telekinesis - Lich (Eatbrain)
10. Axi - Exosphere (dub)
11. Telekinesis & Concord Dawn - Nightwalkers (Eatbrain)
12. Cause 4 concern - Droidz (Task Horizon Remix) (C4c)
13. Calyx & Teebee - Heroes & Villains (Ram)
14. Audio & Inside Info - Rust (Renegade Hardware)
15. Maztek - Limber (Renegade hardware)
16. Telekinesis - untitled (dub)
17. Bulletproof, Concord Dawn & Optiv - Scorched Earth (Kemal remix) (Cyanide)
18. Axiom & Masheen - Offset (dub)
19. The Clamps - Antimonic (Nocid Business)
20. Black Sun Empire - All is lost (Telekinesis Remix) (BSE)
21. Atom & Custom Soldiers - Foreshadow (TRIM)
22. Telekinesis - Diablo (dub)
23. Dose - Face Your Fears (SGN:LTD)
24. Telekinesis - Always Awake (dub)
25. N'Phect - Muscle Car (Telekinesis Remix) (BSE)
26. Aeph - Scumbag (Teddy Killerz remix) (Bad Taste)
27. Cause 4 Concern - Control Freak (Task Horizon remix) (C4C)
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