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Bristolian bass head and Black Butter Records member Woz is a man very much in demand at the moment. With big remixes of Rudimental and Man Like Me tracks as well as Radio 1 taste maker Mistajam supporting him heavily, 2012 has been a big year. We recently sat down with him to pick his brain ahead of his appearance at Idiosynphonic next month.

Idiosynphonic with Loadstar Live, Subscape, Culture Shock & more
Friday 2nd November at Cable, London

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What’s been going on? What are your immediate plans?

I've just released my third E.P with Blackbutter called 'Zylo', which I'm really pleased with. I've been trying to decide where i want to go with my sound over the summer and i think the release shows the movement well. My plans now are to keep working on collabs with Vocalists and Producers and just to keep learning!

What has been your favourite gig so far and what made it so special?

It has to be the Black Butter boat party at Outlook this year.. still hyped from it now!

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

No Clue! I had no idea what I wanted to before I found music...

Which artists influence you? What is it about their sound that draws you in?

I really like everything that James Blake does, his music's so unique and thoughtful. I never listen to half a track by him, the progression in his tracks always has my listening intently he whole way through. Club wise I love what Eats Everything and New York Transit Authourity are doing at the mo, I've definitely slowed down the tempo over the Summer.

What track to you wish you had made?

Objekt - Cactus << The Tunes so simple but not at the same time.. I don't think it'll ever leave my sets!

If your house was burning down and you only had time to grab 3 things what would you chose?

My Mac, my Hardrive and my Yamaha DX7!
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