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It's the time of the year when festival line-ups are slowly leaking out to the web-o-sphere, causing upsets, gasps, disappointment and, above all, a massive splurge of cash now that first pay-cheque since Christmas has been secured. The scramble for early-bird tickets has, this year, been unreal! Hideout in Croatia sold it's early birds within 3 days or something insane. What's more insane is that entire amount of allotted tickets for America's Coachella festival sold in in 6 HOURS. That's not bad for a 75,000 people-a-day festival.

With festivals there comes rumours. And none this year is bigger than an appearance by Daft Punk SOMEWHERE. There were rumours of an appearance at Coachella but with their line up released already this has not come good. If you read our post on Daft Punk's new album then you, like the rest of the world, know that their 4th album (and their first album in almost a decade) is going to be released in time for the summer. With the release of a new album for any artists, comes a new tour. In this case it will be world-wide and selective (yours truly is praying to the Gods that they play at Glastonbury as a ticket has been forced upon me and yours truly doesn't really want to go at all).

Another thing about festivals is the weather. With the ever-increasing popularity of european festivals, be it on a beach or on the slopes, as well as the allure of city scape festivals such as OFF Sonar, all adding their dimensions to the outlook of the festival horizon. Far be it from english festivals to compete with cheaper prices, better weather and also a trip abroad. Sure staying on English soil seems cheaper on first thought, but your £210 Glasto ticket it far more expensive that your £50 flights to Novi Sad and your €100 4-day ticket to a festival set in an abandoned fort rather than a muddy field. And once you're paying £4 a beer and £5 for a falafel wrap the principles of the great english festival suddenly seem to be a bit, well, shit.

Having said that, in the last 5 years there has been an increase in numbers of UK festivals by 70%, both smaller and larger. Although 'small' these days constitutes 30,000 people such as Secret Garden Party, then you have your micro festivals which range between 1000-10000, which is a bit of a ridiculous grouping but hey, what can you do?

British folk love to festival. That much is true and will always be true. But will there come a point where the over-saturation of the festival market and the competitiveness to deliver new and exciting experiences becomes so money-driven along with the desire to be number one overtakes the desire to give people a good time? Probably yes. As much as the independent festival promoters love to stay true, there will come a time when they are left with 2 choices; pull the festival, or take on sponsorship by corporate brands, and then they are just another festival filled with where-did-it-go-wrongs and this-isn't-how-it-used-to-bes.

Don't pander to the man. Support the small festivals. Long live the British Festival season.

Peace out.

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