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Well it didn't take a vast amount of time before the first real meme phenomenon took over the internet and started a worldwide trend. Sadly, it looks like Baauer's hit trap record is going to die a Gangnam Style death, and if it goes down that road, hopefully it will be swift. Our thoughts are with you Baauer. If you haven't heard this track on it's own, check it out here before you spoil yourself with the undelights of the power of the internet.

The concept behind any meme is generally ridiculous, stupid and pointless. This one definitely ticks all three boxes, with the added satisfaction that if it was our office, we'd probably have a pretty good time doing it, even if it is tragically sad. Nevertheless, there's a lot to be said about the pointless and the ridiculous, mainly that it's amusing. Here are some of the better examples of the Harlem Shake phenomenon. Enjoy.

Here's the army giving us their rendition. This could just be the best one out there -

Harlem Shake - The Version Aquatic? Steve Zissou would be proud -

Here's Matt and Kim getting buck wild at Troy in New York -

And finally, this is said to be the original Harlem Shake video. The one that started it all -

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