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An MC, producer and DJ all rolled into one, G Double is no slouch by anybody’s standards and has been highly active in the Dubstep scene having worked with Anti-Social Entertainment, Napt and Eastwood. Being one of the few MC’s in a scene dominated by DJ’s and producers he manages to compliment their sets instead of taking centre stage and interacts with the crowd on a more personal level than most. In between honing his craft on the weekly Anti-Social radio show on Rinse FM and an ever-growing gig schedule we took some time out to speak to him about all things Anti-Social, the art of MCing and Outlook Festival.

You’ve been hosting the Anti-Social show on Rinse FM alongside Jay 5ive for a while now, how would you describe the Anti-Social sound?

Melodic, sub bass driven and deep. Dubstep you can dance to!

Being a MC in a scene that thrives on instrumentals how do you try and cater for an audience who may not be so fond of MCing on DJ sets?
The key is to not try to compete with the music and talk/rhyme all over it. It's a bit like adding salt to your fish and chips - you add a little, never too much. You fill in the gaps, engage with the crowd and make them feel at one with the music.

As well as being an MC you also produce and DJ, which one would you say is your favourite?
I'd say I love MCing just as much as DJing. Maybe DJing a bit more as I don't do it as often and still get nervous, whereas MCing is second nature to me now.

We just had a look at some of the clips of you, Silkie and Quest at Outlook this year, it looked like a lot of fun! Have you got any funny tales of the festival to share with us?
There's always crazy things that happen over there each year. MC’s passing out on the beach, DJ's getting so wasted that they can't DJ on their boat parties and people falling off stages! We can all laugh about it afterwards and nobody has been seriously hurt so it's all good. It's definitely the best festival I have performed at to date.

It must be pretty hard to maintain your voice sometimes. What’s your tip for keeping you voice nice and sharp before shows?

Drink plenty of fluids, especially during the set (preferably Brandy/Rum & Coke!) and making sure that the engineer has set the microphone levels right.

You will be bringing your hosting talents to Cable for Viper this week alongside the likes of IC3, have you ever gained inspiration from some of the D&B MC’s?
I actually used to listen to him, Skibadee, Stevie Hyper D, Det and Shabba on Kool FM when I was a kid so they have definitely inspired me. It's great to see them still going strong all these years later!

In terms of releases, what can we expect from the Anti-Social camp in 2012?
Anti-Social are planning on releasing tunes on their own Anti-Social imprint so look out for that. Quest is currently working on his debut album, entitled Inner-verse. The tracks I have heard so far are incredible. Jay 5ive runs a label with Kromestar called Bass n Love which has had quality releases for a while. Their next release is due early 2012 produced by them. Razor Rekta has his own label called Cloqworq as well, which has had some amazing releases on it. The next release scheduled is 004 which should drop in Feb 2012. I've got a tune called 'The Highest' which is scheduled for 2012 also. Silkie has a track called ‘Unlimited’ that he's produced with Swindle which is coming out soon on Butterz.

G Double will be performing in Room 2 at Viper on Saturday 3rd December alongside Far Too Loud, Pyramid, Napt, Specimen A and more.

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G Double Interview
28th November 2011
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