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The atrocious brilliance that is Gangnam Style has take the world by storm; for better or for worse you know you've hit the big time when you feature in a Hallowe'en episode of South Park as GangnamStein. The parodies have been plentiful, but none so awful than this recent entry from a group of talentless individuals from across the pond. Having said that, the lack of finesse displayed in this parody (if it deserves to be called that) is it's once saving grace which makes it simply incredible.

There comes a point in every project when you can look at it from near or far and see if it's either worth carrying on or it's a lost cause. Friends, the creators of this project have never reached this point and probably never will. There are multiple parts where the familiar sound of galloping horses (ie the clack-clacking of badly mixed records) shines through. How this is possible beats me as there's only one record playing. If this doesn't put Gangnam Style to bed, it is invincible.

You have to love them for trying though. Full details from Sick Chirpse here.
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