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Guillaume Le Donche is the owner of, in his own words, 'the coolest French label'. A bold claim indeed - but one that we have to say, is well justified. With a moto of 'while you sleep, we take over the world', and artists like French Fries, Bambounou, Manaré and Piu Piu on the rosta, they have been attracting all the right kind of attention of late. The entire Youngunz crew will be decamping across the Channel to Cable this Saturday to host Room 2 at Chew the Fat!'s bank Holiday Special. We sat down with Guillaume to talk heroes, Grace Jones, and girls, girls, girls, girls...

For those foolish enough not know, can you sum up the ethos of the Youngunz label?
Guillaume Le Donche: Youngunz is a label and booking/management agency, our speciality is to develop young talented artists in their production and DJ/live career.

We’re very excited to have Youngunz hosting Room 2 of Chew the Fat! What can we expect musically?
A lot of dfferent kind of 'dance music' and 'ghetto music'. Personally at this time I love to play early house and deep house, Piu Piu plays in a really girly and sexy way, French Fries plays UK vibes and ghetto bass, Bambounou plays different styles and sometimes guarachero, and Manare plays what your girlfriend wants.

Will you be popping into the Main Room to check out Zinc & MJ Cole too?
Sure! I have a lot of respect for both, and after my DJ set I think I'll spend my night between our room and the main one - the others from the Youngunz crew can't wait to listen Greenmoney too, I really love their last EP (which includes a French Fries remix). I guess that gig will be crazy all night long.

Who are your musical heroes?
Wooow what a question! Actually I have so much heroes I can't choose just one! OK, if somebody puts a gun in my face and asks me to make a choice I think I would say Malcolm McLaren.

In your opinion what is the best live or DJ set that you have seen?
Are you serious? A second easy question! For the place, the girl with me and the legend, Grace Jones live at Ibiza (Space) two years ago was pretty hot, Seriously, she wore the coolest disco-ball hat I never seen! About DJ Sets, I used to see four sets a week and I think I forgot half of them. I remember an amazing deep and darky set (turntables + moog) from Kerri Chandler on the French West Coast when I was a teen, which made me sober for one night, four hours of full love and dance without any drinks. To finish an amazing and sexy set by Soul Clap at Electric Pickle (Downtown) during the last Miami Music week, I had a big hangover from the last night, it disappear in three tracks.

How do you feel the Parisian music scene differs from London?
I think there are much more quality clubs in London than in Paris so of course a lot of main acts living there. Clubbing culture is really deep in UK and for those reasons I can say without any doubt that London Scene is really bigger than here. But we have something you don't, Parisian girls!

Will you be checking out Notting Hill Carnival whilst you’re here?
I'm not sure I will stay all the Sunday but my guys and Piu Piu do.

If we were to hop on the Eurostar for a day in Paris – how should we spend the day and night?
That depends on the day but if it was a mix between a Sunday afternoon and a night of the week you should have an American brunch at BIA (St Paul), in the sun at Razowski (Place du Marché Saint-Honoré) or kill your stomach with a burrito at Rice&Beans (Rue Grenetta) - then you should check art exhibitions, there are so many really good places in Paris (Beaubourg, Maillol, Fondation Cartier, Palais de Tokyo, Pinacoteque, Museum of Modern Art and so many galleries!) After you have walked all day long you should have a tea or a mojito on Pigalle's terrace or at Georges (Beaubourg's roof top) for the view just before calling Sailor Roman for an ink session. For the dinner you should go to Le Derriere which is a house restaurant where you can spend a great culinary time in a bedroom or smoking in a place behind a Norman wardrobe door. Glou (Rue Vieille du temple) is also one of my favorite restaurants, really quiet. After a good dinner it's time to eliminate all calories - you could begin by a drink in a cool bar/club such as Le Pompon or Chez Moune (and soon The Silencio) then finish your night at the famous Social Club. But actually the coolest nights are in private flats or houses.

When you’re not signing hot talent to your label, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Music is my passion, naturally I like DJing alone or in B2B with my man Tarik Briziz (we host our own nights 'Romantic'). I love girls so bad so I spend my time to break some hearts and get mine broken too. I like a lot of kinds of art, I buy a lot of books/mags and I go to a lot of exhibitions. I'm also a fan of cinema (vintage and recent) and I download at least 10 movies by week. When I have the time I write my own stuff and for magazines. By the way, like all humanoïds I like food, good restaurants, and I'm partying too much. To finish my secret passions are shoes, not sneakers, I said shoes.

If you weren’t a Label owner / Music Mogul what career path would you like to follow?
Actually I do a lot of things in addition of my label and my management work, I write a lot myself, for Steel Magazine and others, I do creative consulting and one of my next projects is opening a place, not just a bar or a club or just a shop or a gallery but a bridge between each, a cultural place where the content would have more importance than container.

If you had a masked alter ego, what would you be called?
Hahahaha the weirdest question. Why I should wear a mask, to do illegal stuffs, go in a SM dungeon or save people?! Sometimes my partners in crime call me Satan (Devil) so I could keep it or something really ridiculous like in South Park: half a nice guy, half an asshole welcome to Professor NiceAss.

And finally – what’s coming up on the Youngunz Label in the next few months that we should look out for?
A lot of stuffs and news! In September we will release two new EPs, Lazy Flow and Manaré (with an amazing remix from Marble Players), November will be our 2nd Bday so we will organize a lot of small and big events, next USA and OZ Tours and a lot of surprises, stay tuned fellas.

Thanks Guillaume!

Guillaume Le Donche and the Younggunz label crew take over Room 2 at Chew the Fat!'s Bank Holiday Special on Saturday 27th August.
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