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When someone tells you the story of how dubstep came to be, Hatcha inevitably will be a part of the tale. His roots lay firmly beneath the late 90's UK garage tree and he was one of the first DJs to pick up on the darker sounding 2step cuts surfacing around the millennium. As a buyer at the highly regarded Big Apple record store, Hatcha was in the perfect position to champion this sound as well airing the material on his various South London pirate radio shows.

Back in 2001 an upfront club event (aptly named Forward>>) emerged with Hatcha as resident and it was here that this new dubby 2step sound took the form we're familiar with today. To stay ahead of the game, Hatcha was renowned for turning up to play with dub plates cut from one-off tracks, sourced from the various up n' coming producers that frequented the record store; Benga, Skream, Mala, Digital Mystikz, Coki and Loefah. His access to this arsenal of producers essentially gave him the power to mould the scene every single time he performed. Between the Forward>> crew, the aforementioned producers and the Big Apple regulars the term dubstep (after 'dubby' sounding step music) was being circulated and in 2003 it appeared in a press release and then on a US magazine cover. Hatcha was then asked to mix the scene’s first compilation that cemented the use of the name: Dubstep Allstars vol 1. Dubstep was born.

So we're lucky, then, that Hatcha's set from Licked Beatz 2nd Birthday was captured and we have it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
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