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'Dreadnaught' has been one of the biggest hits of the year, so far in the DnB world. The follow up album is just about to be launched so ahead of it we sat down with Icicle to see what he thought about it all

WFS: Hi Icicle, cheers for taking the time to sit down with us. Are you looking forward to your album launch and seeing the reaction?

Icicle: Yes, I am really looking forward to it - It is going to be really good. The set will be really different to any other set as I have all the vocalists from the album, they are singing live including Robert Owens and playing with him will be epic as he is a hero of mine. The vibe at the Shogun Audio nights is so good and to be launching the album at the same time is going to be amazing.

What makes the Shogun Audio nights different to other nights that you play at do you think?

The general vibe, it seems to be extremely popular and there is such a buzz about the party before and it sells out well in advance. When it comes to the actual night people are really appreciative to be there and that contributes to a really good vibe. From the start to the end everyone is dancing getting into all of your tunes. You can play whatever you want and you get a wicked reaction from the crowd, which makes it an incredible night.

What is your favourite track off the album?

That’s really difficult as there are a lot of different tracks on there from the more easy listening type to the more dance floor tunes. 'Dreadnaught' has done so well already so I am really happy about that but I really haven’t thought about what my favourite album track is. I have listened to it so much that it probably sounds completely different to me compared to people who haven't listened to it yet.

What has influenced this album?

I tried to put in as many influences as possible. The start of the album is based around my early influences like Photek, Jonny L and then going into more Techno based tracks with everything else involved such as Four Tet and whatever else electronically I like. The whole idea with the album was to collaborate my deeper Drum and Bass with all my other musical interests to create a more coherent, uplifting album.

What is your most trusted piece of software/hardware?

An SSL Duende general strip that runs from a DSP unit, it is basically an EQ general strip. I use it so much, it’s brilliant. It makes the mix downs in the album a lot brighter and more defined. I love that thing.

So the Album is done, what is next for Icicle?

Touring, absolutely tonnes of it. The Album tour starts this Friday which is going to be 20 plus gigs in 2 months. I am working on a Live set which will be hardware based. I have been building it up with MPC’s, synthesizer’s, there will be no laptops. I am going to be really selective with these dates and try and figure out a setlist. The album has been such a huge project that I haven’t really looked past it and now that it is over, it is time to get my ideas straight. It is a bit open on the music side but I am going to take my time and come up with a nice little plan.

Who would you most like to play Back to Back with - living or dead?

I would love to play Back to Back with Michael Jackson - that would be epic. Napoleon would smash it as well but they would have to put him on a crate to reach the decks. Living, I want to play Back to Back with Jeff Mills, that would be wicked.

You can catch Icicle playing at We Fear Silence present Shogun Audio on the 9th April at Cable. In the words of ‘Icicle’ it is going to be an ‘epic night’. Be sure not to miss out as only a limited number of advance tickets are left.
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