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In todays age, Germany is known for 3 things - techno, beer and sausages. Gone are the days of fascist neo-nazi-ism and lederhosen-adorned busty wenches carrying 12 steiners through a gauntlet of drunken goose-stepping, SS Officers. How the times do change. Swap the lederhosens for a Wasted German Youth tee and some skinnies and we're getting closer to the modern age. The steniers are still there, but then you can't help wants natural. Goose-stepping has become pie-chart making and automobile engineering. The germans are pretty much the perfect example of a nation that is on point in its actions.

However, while all the expats are moving to Berlin to seek out their dreams of Berghain residencies and Tresor releases, Hamburg sits quietly, churning out music of all genres and creating it's own expansive scene cut from the clothe of forward-thinking variation. This is where our man Phace comes in. The NeoSignal label owner named Florian has been reocgnised over the last few years through is own style of bass-driven electronic music, as well as touring to all corners of the globe, spinning seamlessly from Texas to Toulouse. A large back-catalog and releases on indie labels such as Shogun, Critical, Vision and Mau5trap as well as releases on his own imprint give plenty or reason for his critical acclaim within the scene.

His music is best described as (and I quote) "twisted bass, rhythmical experimentation, high contrast ambience, deep cinematic themes, explosive energy, and yet human analog soul." What that all means, I can only imagine. But doesn't it sound special. The winner of two Germany Future Music Awards and album of the month in MixMag for his 2007 LP Psycho has collaborated with the likes of Noisia and Spor (AKA Feed Me), while his second full release saw him tour the world with label co-owner Misanthropist as well as the beginning of a new project. The two labels heads of NeoSignal have, since last year, been pushing the experimental boundaries of drum and bass with a release due out sometime this year under the same name as the imprint.

So when someone asks you to say the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word 'Germany', say 'Phace'. If you're met with confusion and raised eye-brows, give them a smile... and slap them in the chops.

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In your Phace
11th January 2013
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