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An inspector of the dubplate variety stopped by for a quick chat ahead of his set at Dub-All's 1st Birthday shenanigans this Friday here at Cable. We talk youtube, moustaches and delve into his 'Inspected' imprint. Inspector Dubplate is in the house!

Hello Inspector! How's things?

Good morning. I'm great and thanks for having me.

To the boys and girls who are yet to hear of you (Which I think would be crazy if they hadn't) Can you give us a quick run down of who you are, where you are from and how you got in to the scene?

I'm Ryan, better known as Inspector Dubplate and i'm from from the United Kingdom. I created a blog styled YouTube channel back in 2009 onto which I uploaded brand new dubstep and drum & bass releases on a daily basis on behalf of popular record labels. This become a surprisingly popular portal to find new and interesting music and here we are now.

YouTube has been an amazing place for you over the last couple of years. You currently have 70,000+ subscribers and 31,000,000 video views, it is pretty safe to say you are a YouTube success. Why do you think it has taken off so well and where did you get the idea from?

When I started the YouTube channel the only other active user providing brand new (and official) content was Liquicity, who was dealing with liquid drum & bass, interestingly there wasn't one channel streaming dubstep content. Fast forward to 2012 and everyman and his dog has his own YouTube channel.

I think it's been a success as YouTube is internationally recognised, it's free to use and super easy to navigate and stream content. I have strong relationships with labels and artists therefore can always provide brand new and exclusive content before anybody else.

Inspected. The record label launched by yourself has seen some pretty crazy releases so far including the genius that is Boy Kid Cloud. What lies in the pipeline for the label that you can tell us about?

Inspected is almost 18 months old and we've just sold our 100,000th record which is very exciting for us. We're fortunate enough to have worked with and break some amazing acts over the past year whilst releasing some incredible music and timeless music.

As for future releases - just in the next 3 months will see releases from xKore, Culprate, Teknian.

August 10th sees you returning to Cable, London for the Dub-All or Nothing 1st Birthday party. Alongside Xilent, Addergebroed and Boy Kid Cloud. What's your expectations of the night and what you got in the record bag for us?

Over the past 12 months my DJ sets have slowly evolved into becoming a showcase of forthcoming and released Inspected material. We have so much great music set for release over the next 12 months, ranging from house to glitch-hop, dubstep to moombahton and even some drum & bass, I treat this time to show off our extensive and exciting label catalogue.

Your moustache mixes have proven to be one of the most successful and different mix series available covering all aspects of electronic dance music. Would you say the dubstep scene is evolving in to having a full appreciation of electronic music encompassing "moombahton", "drumstep" and "electro"?

Most definitely, people will always be looking for the next cool and fresh thing to come around and thanks to the explosion of moombahton, glitch-hop and other genres DJs are able to play a complete variety of music in their sets and the audience will usually embrace and enjoy it which is great.

Are there any acts out there that you would love to get involved with via Inspected?

We have our eye on a few acts but it's all top secret for now!

Any plans on turning to producing? Your mixes and music selection is spot on, we think your tracks would be insane too. Have you had a dabble with it at all?

Not just yet... maybe if there were more hours in the day.

Well thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Inspector, do you have anything to close with?

See you on Friday grin

Dub-All Or Nothing 1st Birthday at Cable, London - Friday 10th August
Click here for more info & tickets

Acts: Crazy D, Xilent, Inspector Dubplate, Boy Kid Cloud, Addergebroed, P0gman, Trampa, Senzer, Jesta, Pote, Square Wave, Soloman, Hassassin, Voorny, Tzar, KSH, Skit, RashyB
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