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Having been a DJ from the tender age of 13, Bryan G is no newcomer to the music scene and has made his mark on D&B by heading up V Recordings, who have released records from the likes of Dillinja, DJ Marky and Roni Size. In the build-up to the Planet V Halloween special he talks us through the ethos behind the label's sound and his plans for his set on the night.

What’s the best track you’ve ever signed?
There’s too much on V for me to make that choice, but in terms of chart positioning and taking the label to the next level, I’d say ‘LK’ by DJ Marky & XRS.

What do you think is the biggest contributing factor that has given V its well-known sound over the years?
The Bristol sound (Roni Size, Die, Krust and Suv) is what people will say when describing the V sound and then later we gave you the Brazilian Drum & Bass sound. We were the first label to fuse the Latin sound with Jungle.

Will Roni Size be making a comeback on V?
Definitely! Roni loves V. He’s doing an album project at the moment, and will be releasing material in the near future.

Which artist had the biggest single impact on V – Dillinja, DJ Marky or Roni Size?

Roni Size and the Full Cycle crew for sure. I say Roni, but it was a combination of him and Krust, Die and Suv as a whole that made the impact, as a lot of their work was collaborative.

If you had to take 3 records on a desert island with you, what would they be?
Best of Bob Marley, Best of Michael Jackson (as long as it featured lots of the early stuff) and Biggie Smalls ‘Ready to Die’.

Why do you feel Cable & V is a good match?
I’ve never had the full Cable experience, only played in the second room for Fabio’s Swerve night, but just the second room made me fall in love with it. I get a real warm vibe, its got character, a great sound system, good seating and chill out area great lighting. But aside all that, from the minute I walked through the door I’ve always felt this could be a home for V. It just had that smell!

What does V have in store for the rest of the year and 2012?
Of course Club Sessions 4 mixed by Kabuki, with two EPs to be released off it. Also on Liquid V we got a Savage Rehab EP and a Mutt EP on V Records. We just released a David Boomah and Serum 12”, and then we got a Peshay 12” leading up to a Peshay album next year. Also Artificial Intelligence 12” with a Dillinja ‘Uprising’ remix and A.I ‘Pigeon Hole’ remix. After that we got an Eveson album sampler leading up to his debut album ‘Summer of Love’ out next year and a DJ Krust EP featuring 4 remixes of some of his V hits. Look out for Brazilian artists Acuna and Critycal Dub with 6 track digital EP coming on Chronic and Serum, Vapour and Bladerunner 12” forthcoming on Chronic.

You’re known for playing the fresh and unreleased dubs no one has or ever released. Are you looking to blow all the other DJ’s away on the 29th at Cable?
If you think like that it’ll probably go wrong! Me playing fresh tunes, has got nothing to do with other DJs I want to blow away - the punters are the ones I want to blow away! I want other DJs before me and after me doing the same thing and if that happens, you’ll know you’re at Planet V.

What fancy dress outfit are you wearing to Planet V?
You’ll have to come to Cable on the 29th to see that – can’t give that away!

What’s your biggest fear in music?
That talent gets overlooked for quick success.

Catch Bryan G playing at the Planet V Halloween Special on Saturday 29th October
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