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A true pioneer of the UK Garage scene since its inception in the 90’s, DJ EZ has managed to maintain his top spot as kingpin of the sound that eventually spawned Grime and early Dubstep. After an astonishing 15 years of staying true to his sound DJ EZ still influences a host of UK bass music DJ’s such as Oneman and Jackmaster with his quick-fast mixing style and penchant for crowd pleasing anthems that get regular airtime on his weekly Kiss FM slot. Ahead of his appearance at Basslaced on 18th November we caught up the man himself to talk about his marathon New Years day sets, the joy of Todd Edwards and his early days spinning Detroit Techno.

You’ve survived various changes in the UK music scene since your start in Garage, what would you say was the main reason for this?
I wouldn't say it's me, I'd just say that it's the music that I play. UK Garage music is timeless and a lot of the tracks I play are classic clubs tracks which will never die. With the addition of mixing new club "bangers" and one or two other genres and sub genres is another reason I would say.
I also try to make my sets very individual with my mixing style.

The UK underground seems as healthy as ever with Dubstep, Grime, House and UK Funky all having crossover hits at some point, what is it about Garage that has made you stay faithful?
It has to be down to the many different styles and sounds within the Garage genre and the way it has incorporated other music styles from House to Soul to Jazz… I could go on! As I said previously, I do slip in a Grime or Dubstep track, for example, which in my eyes fall under the Garage genre umbrella.

Future garage, post garage, 2-step… too many names for what is essentially just great music?! What do you think about the amount of genre labels these days?
Kind of picking up from the answer to your previous question, I wouldn't not play a track because it has been labelled as another genre. If it fits well into my set and I like it, then I will play the track. So however people choose to categorise their productions is their choice I don't really read into genre labelling.

You’re notoriously a big fan of of 4x4 Garage legend Todd Edwards, what is it about his style of productions that you like the most?

Absolutely everything! It's the way he can take a track, remix it and make it sound better than the original. The way that he programmes drums, the key changes, the unique sound are just some of the reasons why he has and always will be my favourite producer and remixer. It's almost like he produces tracks solely for my ears, I just think he's an incredible producer.

I read somewhere that you used to play Detroit Techno before you found garage, are you still keeping your eyes on that style of music? Any chance of a techno set a club near us soon?!
I don't really keep up to date with new releases simply because it would be impossible as I have so much new music to sift through on a weekly basis. I still listen to the tracks that I have and my mixes from that period though. I still adore that sound and it would be amazing to play an EZ Detroit Techno set somewhere, but the question is where? Any ideas?!

Can we expect to hear some new DJ EZ productions from you anytime soon?
Yes most definitely, I say this year after year but I seriously need to get back in the studio in the New Year so watch this space.

You’ve been playing 8-hour sets on New Years day for the past couple of years at Z-Uncut - how do you manage to keep a dancefloor moving for that long?
I just keep changing it up and keep them on their toes. I take them on a journey from the beginning of the night until the end when they switch the lights on. It's not a very easy task as you have to find the right balance for such a long set. I remember the first time I ever played an 8-hour set, I wasn't expecting too many people to still be around when I came off the decks at the end of the night but I was completely wrong. The majority of the crowd stay right until kick-out time and even start shouting "one more" while the bouncers are trying to move them on, it's unbelievable. I am actually looking into doing longer sets in the future.

What can we expect from your set at Basslaced at Cable on 18th November?
My plan is give the crowd a similar set to when I played my first set for them last year, which was absolutely amazing - with the addition of some new tracks, more CDJ trickery and one or two non-UKG surprises thrown in... CAN’T WAIT!

DJ EZ will be playing alongside Shy FX, Redlight, The Others, Greenmoney and more at Basslaced on Friday 18th November at Cable.
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