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Next Thursday sees something a bit different come to Cable. Itchy Feet will be shake, rattle and rolling it's way through the night, with a unique no attitude vintage night, where the focus is all about getting down to old tunes and having fun. Expect to hear everything from swing to ska, from rock n roll to soul. Don't worry if you can't dance - it's all about shaking it up on the dancefloor and enjoying something new - that's actually something old! We like the sound of this. We spoek to resident DJ and promoter Mr Itchy Feet himself to find out a bit more about what's in store...

For the uninitiated – tell us what Itchy Feet is?
Itchy Feet is a roving party. We take our brand all over the country, on a mission to relieve people of their clubbing boredom. At Itchy Feet, our DJs and bands play a mix of rock n roll, funk, soul, rhythm and blues, reggae and ska to throw the ultimate vintage party.

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What makes Itchy feet different from other vintage nights out there?
I think the main difference is the variety of music. Most 'old music' DJs tend to be specialists in a certain genre (quite often R&B or Ska). They'll step up and play an amazing, but quite full on, set in their specific area. We've realised that at our parties, while people love the music, they're not enthusiasts, and therefore 2 hours of one specific kind can be quite full on. Our DJs flit between genres, and play to the crowd, rather than trying to educate them. The result is a much better atmosphere in the clubs, where people recognise records and DJs wont get chastised for playing a record that is well known!

Your moto is ‘hear something new’ – is old the new…erm…new?!

Yeah it is a little confusing. Thats why we like it! The moto came after about a year of doing the parties. People would come and up and tell us that its so fun to 'hear something new' in the clubs. I always liked the way that you had to listen to something hold to hear something new ... so it stuck!

Untitled by Itchy Feet Events, on Flickr

You say that you’re here: “to relieve you of clubbing boredom and the sounds of 'sexi club classix'.” Was Itchy Feet born out a dissatisfaction with the current club scene?
Yes and No. The night was founded purely so I (as a DJ) could play what I wanted to play. There was no commercial incentive behind it. I wanted to be in a club where you could drink and dance to Rock 'n' Roll all night, so I hired a club, and played Rock 'n' Roll all night. I suppose that if such a thing existed in Leeds (where I was living) at that time, there would have been no need to do it!

For clubbers that are more used to just shaking their arms around to techno – do we actually need to know how to dance or can we just throw ourselves around the dancefloor with wild abandon?
Of couse!! Itchy Feet is all about leaving your ego at the door. No one knows how to dance, no one cares if its a super rare R&B 7 inch playing or the Jackson 5 on .mp3, and no one cares about the etiquette of a vintage night. Its all about having as much fun and you possibly can. Some people can dance, and I wish I was one of them, but they're a VERY small minority.

If we want to attempt to be part of that minority - can you give us any tips? What should we be practising – Swing, Jive, Twist?
All I know about dancing is that if your elbows aren't above your ears, then you're not having enough fun!

What are 3 tracks that get the biggest reaction at Itchy Feet nights?
Tough to say - it really varies from town to town. Up north in Newcastle and Leeds, big ska and reggae tunes by people like Toots get everyone flying, whereas in London it can be a little more leftfield. Anything by Wynonie Harris usually does the trick. But I'd probably say: 'Higher' by Jackie Wilson, 'Hound Dog by Elvis', and maybe 'What'd I Say' by Ray Charles.

What track would you break your ‘no music from pre-1979’ rule for?
Anything by Kitty Daisy & Lewis!

We left our bow tie at home… can we still come in?!
Do you have a hat?

Yes we do! And finally – complete this sentence. The best cure for itchy feet is….

Itchy Feet takes over Cable on Thursday 24th November.

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