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One of our stalwart events turns 3 years old at the end of the month. They joined us just after their 1st birthday, they've never looked back and neither have we. They've brought us quality parties with some of the biggest names in the bass music scene and a lot of good times and happy memories. With the show just 28 days away, we've asked promoter Kristian a few questions in the build up to the event –

When you started Licked Beatz 3 years ago did you think it would evolve to where it is now?
When I started Licked Beatz it was actually supposed to be a label, I had the first few releases scheduled to come out and I thought that a good launch party would give the labels profile a boost and give it a better chance of being successful.

So I put on a label launch party at the Rhythm Factory and ended up having so much fun running that event that the label got sidelined almost straight away and I diverted all my attention to building this event brand. I never really expected it to get to where it is now, it's been an incredible journey and over the years we've built up a very loyal fanbase.

What's been the best moment?
Every event we've done has had it's moments, to pick just one is almost impossible! The first time we had our artist Moose & Yeti do a live illustration piece at an event was pretty special, it's something I had tried to make happen at before but never managed to pull together. When Benny joined the brand he made it his priority to get it sorted and I think it's something that sets us apart from the crowd.

Having the club packed out right until 6am at our 2nd birthday was wicked too, we're always pretty busy but there was something really amazing about the vibe that night and to have that many people sticking around right until the last minute to celebrate our 2nd birthday with us was a great feeling.

What's been the worst moment?
Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be the 4th Licked Beatz I did. I'm not going to go into too much detail but it snowed very heavily the night before and on the day of the event and it seriously affected the turnout. I ended up drowning my sorrows at the bar before a very depressing journey home haha!

What can we expect between now and the 4th birthday?
We really want to step things up a level this year and work more closely with the artists and brands we respect in the industry. We hosted the London Outlook Launch party (pictured above) at our last event and our 3rd Birthday is being done in conjunction with Newham Generals as the launch party for their new '5 Star General E.P'.

We want to keep this up and are also looking to add some more high profile residents to our current stable which includes Logan Sama & Rattus Rattus. Other than that we're going to keep doing what we do pushing the Grime, Garage and Drum & Bass/Jungle sound that we've came to be known for.

We asked Kristian and Benny to sum up Licked Beatz in one track, he said this was impossible. So he gave us three instead. Full event info and tickets are available here

The Bug - Skeng

Konflict - Messiah

Future Underground Nation - It's The Way
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