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Jaded has been ruling the London afterhours scene for the last 7 years, with killer line-ups and a fiercely loyal crowd who make up the wonderful wonky Jaded family. Since they moved to Cable almost 2 years ago, Sunday mornings have got even bigger and better - with DJs queing up to spin, relishing the opportunity to play to such an appreciative dancefloor. The force behind Jaded is of course the King & Queen of after hours, resident DJ Raymundo Rodriguez and Promoter Krista. We disturbed them whilst they were very busy erm... NOT sleeping, to chat about an amazing year for Jaded, and Raymundo almost getting thrown out of his own party...

Raymundo and Krista - Happy Birthday! Jaded turns 7 this weekend - in clubland, and especially in afterparty terms - that is pretty impressive! How does it feel to have presided over the bastion of early morning clubbing for 7 whole years?
Ray: I must say it feels rather good, and I'm proud that we have reached 7 years, but more than anything, i'm looking forward to the exciting times ahead...and some sleep.

You've got quite a weekend ahead of you - the Jaded Warehouse party followed by (of course) the legendary carry on at Cable afterwards. Tell us a bit about who's playing and why you picked them for this very special party.
Krista: Konrad Black and Ryan Elliott we have Jaded at Cable history with, and they are both returning just for the 7 Years celebrations. Nina Kraviz and Sascha Dive have been on our most wanted list for a while. All four under one roof will be pretty special, especially for the Jaded people. We're not at liberty to tell you line up for the afterhours yet, suffice to say a large contingent of the Warehouse guests will be joining us for the second part of the celebrations, plus a Stroboscopic surprise.

Any clues as to who the secret guest is or are you remaining tight lipped?!
Ray: Our clues are rubbish, so lets go with quantity, three (+ 1) being the magic number.

Jaded by name but not by nature. What is it about the Jaded crowd that makes them so damn special?
Ray: It's always a real mix for starters, fresh faces who are just discovering the afterhours, the people who are present from start to finish most weeks, a whole load of club workers, bar staff, DJs, I would say what makes them special is their real knowledge and passion for the music and the energy they show at such a crazy hour on Sunday morning.

Last month Jaded hosted the afterhours for Drumcode's 15th anniversary celebrations, with Adam Beyer as a secret guest. Sounds like it went off! Tell us more.
Ray: There have a been quite a few special moments in the last year, Lucy from Stroboscopic Artefacts blowing up Room One, Chris Liebing and Rhadoo individually playing 4 hour plus sets, Soul Clap laying it down for about 5 hours, and now this latest Drumcode session with Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Alan Fitzpartick and Joseph Capriati literally taking over the main room for 6+ hours; not only was it a great atmosphere in which to play, but also being amongst the crowd and getting to enjoy it with them and seeing the Drumcode crew enjoying it just as much as we were, job satisfaction and then some!

What have been your other favourite nights / mornings of 2011? And any legendary Jaded antics to report?
Ray: Antics wise, there was a morning where a dude decided to blag that he was a part of our Jaded team, and proceeded to start bossing everyone about, and then try and make off with one of our pal's freshly purchased Jaded T shirts, his cover was blown when he tried to get the security to kick me out!

Krista: Soulclap stole my heart this year with their set after the Phonica 8th Birthday. Also the mornings we've shared have with Mr C and the Superfreqs have been a favourite - warped genius from Mr C, and the the perfect mix of elegance and rock n roll from the Freqs.

What is it about playing to a late night / early morning crowd that you love so much?
Ray: The thing I have always enjoyed is resetting everyone back to zero, wherever they may have come from the night before, when they arrive at Jaded, they need to feel that they're in for something special, that's why I enjoy playing the opening and closing sets, and even from time to time, the whole 8 hours.

How has the Jaded sound developed in 2011?
Ray: Alongside our tech house foundations, I would say more of a techno vibe has developed which has been apparent with our choice of headliners, and also influenced by my fellow resident Chris Stanford. Another dimension arrived when Unai Trotti and Alex Cliche joined the family as monthly residents, over the summer they became known for their mindbending closing sets.

Krista: Beyond that, it's becoming a morning haven where guest DJs get to play really indulgent sets for an appreciative crowd. At times the love gets too strong, Pan-Pot got held to ransom and almost missed their flight in February and the same with Bruno Pronsato in Easter. Respect to the club for making this happen. Where else but Cable would you be allowed to have an hour and a half long 'one more?'

We like Raymundo's DJ Bio - it's short & sweet "Tune selector and music enthusiast: my aim is to keep you dancing" - you certainly manage to do that! What are your 3 biggest weapons for keeping people dancing at the moment?

1.Safeword - Gaze
2.David Mayer - Harun (Onno on Acid mix)
3.Detroit Grand Pubahs - Club Sandwiches (Marc Romboy Systematic mix)

Outside of Jaded - what have you been up to?
Ray: In the last year or so I have tried to get back to the roots of why I started DJing in the first place, which was basically enjoying finding and playing good music, hence the new super short bio. Over the years I was finding that too many other things were leading me away from that basic enjoyment - radio, studio production etc. which was all cool, but right now it's all about searching for new beats and spinning them.

Jaded's New Year's Day celebrations are legendary! Any hints on what might be in store this year?
Krista: Ah - the Jaded NYD legend is going to fade into the mists of time. Last year we ran on Jan 2nd with Maya Jane Coles and it proved that the morning after New Years Day is the right date for Jaded New Year celebrations. There's a sigh of relief and desire to dance from the club workers and DJs that happens long after the once-a-year clubbers have stumbled home. It makes for the intense atmosphere that made our NYDs such legend. Right now, we are preoccupied with the art for this one, our 2011 theme the moth is going out in an explosion of colour at our Christmas Party with Will Saul, then it's in with our new theme on the 2nd. We'll announce the line up very soon.

What's the pre-Jaded breakfast of champions? Toast & Jam? Full fry up? Egg & Soldiers? Shot of tequila?
Krista: Nothing beats a cup of tea and a slightly melted Kit Kat at 5am!

Jaded's 7th Birthday Afterhours kicks off at 5am at Cable with Raymundo Rodriguez, Konrad Black, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Secret Guests to be announced.

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