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Sunday morning 6th March marked Jaded's 1st year at Cable, so the morning unravelled as you'd expect. New faces from Planet E and a wide section of London's AM worker and music fraternity danced to darkly beautiful main room sounds of Konrad Black, Jaded residents Raymundo Rodriguez and Chris Stanford, and in the Balcony room Charlotte Michelle 11th and Alex Kleve. The theme for Jaded's second year at Cable is the moth, inspired by the Jaded People - nocturnal, thriving in darkness but attracted to the light and Roland Hamilton (Gorillaz) unveiled his first Jaded mothscape installation which added a new warmth and depth to the Balcony room. As usual the Jaded people got involved adding an umbrella, themselves via piggy back rides, and whatever they could find to interact with the vintage Solar 250 light show. All involved agreed this was the perfect beginning to a more avant garde and artistic second year at the club.

Photos by Vickie Parker and Ben Douch
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