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There’s nothing that a true Londoner takes more seriously than a cup of tea and a biscuit mid-morning. This is something we at Jaded fervently agree with. No matter that your tea is served with techno, the ritual of elevenses should still be observed. To this end, our Jaded Tea Room will appear at 10am and continue until closing time at 1pm! If you’re one of our get up fresh people arriving after 10am, tea and biscuits are free.

Jaded afterhours has had a studded history of elevenses, not least due to ‘The Curse Of The Jaded Tea Trolley’. Having just acquired tea trolley mark VI, we are hoping it won't fall prey to the doom of those preceeeding which have been KO'd by over-exuberant trolley rides, stackings at staff parties, even mysterious mid-morning trolley-nappings.

Our Jaded Tea Lady is another story… We decided to have one after hearing about the legendary octogenarian who used to man the tea trolley at Twilo. Having difficulty sourcing a genuine OAP, we made do with what we could find. Not strictly a ‘lady’, our Jaded tea lady used to be spotted swigging from her bottle of gin, handing out caustic advice to those sorting out their noggins between dancefloor excursions, and covertly flashing her drawers when the mood took her. Who knows, we might even bring her back.

Jaded Tea Room Price List:

Tea: £1 Free to everyone arriving after 10am
Coffee: £1 Free to everyone arriving after 10am
Biscuits: Free with your cuppa
Advice: Also Free but not recommended

Jaded with Okain & Unai Trotti
Sunday 17th February at Cable, London

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