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Jam City: purveyor of fine beats and - something you may not know - also a man with highly covetable film collection. From the wonder of Nicolas Cage’s hair in 1983’s Valley Girls, to Roman decadence in 1979’s Caligula, he’s pulled together a damn fine selection. Do us a favour on the Sunday after Deviation – turn off the Come Dine With Me omnibus and check out one of these gems.

The Best Man (2001)
Shemar Moore is having cold feet, Morris Chestnut stands by and watches.

The Fourth Dimension (1988)
Statues, objects and bodies melting into each other forever.

Caligula (1979)
Obscene display of Roman-era decadance. Set design also functions as a template for ideal club interior.

Body Double (1983)
Alone at the Chemosphere on a Saturday Night. Interior? Leather and Silk.

Diva (1981)
Rain soaked trenchcoat, collar up to the wind feeling romantic.

Getting Played (2006)
Stacey Dash, Carmen Electra and Vivica Fox hanging out to a DX7 Soundtrack.

Miracle Mile (1988)
LA obliterated in the early hours of the morning to a Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

Bring it on: All or Nothing (2007)
Easily better than the original.

The Prince of Paisley Park (1993)
Take a walk through Minneapolis to the sound of distant Linn Drums.

Valley Girl (1983)
Nic Cage is from the wrong side of the tracks!

Glide II (2010) and Lux Laze (2010)
Daniel Swan is a very talented man and a good friend of mine, both these films are amazing and unique journeys through time and space.

Jam City plays at We Fear Silence present Deviation on Saturday 23rd July. His new 12” Waterworx is out now on Nightslugs and features 3 tracks of stripped down house aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

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