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With Connected now only a matter of weeks away – we’re all getting ready for Defected Records head honcho, and football mad DJ, Simon Dunmore – but in the red room, we’ve got East London boy, and techno head East End Dubs. With a number of high profile dates dotted all across the globe lined up for the next few months – the London producer made a name for himself for releasing his very own brand of deep, dark house. Jesse James of Connected caught up to talk all things East.

There is little info on you online so – how did you first come to electronic music, what were you hearing, why did you like it?

I like keeping it that way - I’ve been DJing for 13 years, and producing for over 8. Things haven’t happened overnight for me. I left two universities for my music, and it’s only now that it’s become my full time job.

And when did you decide to start making it? How did you start?

East End Dubs is a fresh project; I was bored with the music I was seeing around me, and wanted to produce something that sounded unique. It all started about a year ago, and I’ve been in the studio almost every day since. I come from the dance floor - it’s easy for me to get the ideas going, I’m not a musician just producing tools to play in my sets.

What are your aims and influences, what sound are you aiming for, do you have one in your head?

I get inspired by a lot of things. London is an amazing city and whenever I go out I hear something fresh that makes me exited and gives me ideas. DJ’s like Chris Lattner and Enzo Siragusa also inspire me. Me and Chris hae been playing back to back recently, and I can see it’s certainly helped me.

How important is it to be part of the Moon Harbour family? How did that come about?

Moon Harbour family is very big and I’m honoured to be part of it. They got in touch with me via Chris Lattner. I went to their office in Germany and had a meeting with the bosses, I was very impressed how organized and professional they are and we decided to work together that day.

What should people expect from you in London at Connected? What you playing right now?

I’m really looking forward to my date at the Cable Connected party. Both sound system and crowd were fantastic last time I was there. My main aim is to get people moving.

Is it CD of vinyl that really gets you going? Are you interested in the process or more the end results?

I love vinyl but unfortunately I can’t press every single track on them. I use both and I’m quite happy with the result.

What else you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

There is so much going on at the moment. We have an EP finished with Chris Latner, and it’s signed to Arnout’s Dogmatik Records. All three tracks are sounding amazing – I’m really looking forward to everything we’ve got going. The next release will be vinyl only. There’s also a solo EP with Metroline Records in the works.

Check out East End’s latest via his facebook here

Connected presents Simon Dunmore, Lee Brinx, Jesse James & Johnny Bloomfield and more
Saturday 27th April from Cable, London

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