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This weekend we welcome back arguably the best techno party in London. Our last outing with Blueprint Records saw Speedy J, Regis and Daniel Miller taking our system to it's limits. This time round will be all that and more.

We are very proud to be hosting 12 hours of Blueprint Records featuring some of the biggest and best in the techno scene. Joining us will be Berghain legend and Klockwork Records boss Ben Klock. Alongside him is a man who is the face of UK techno right now, a man who's production and depth of skill mask his age all too well - Blawan. Finally, from the US of A, we have DVS1, a true master of simple-yet-effective production and carefully crafted DJ sets that take audiences on journeys.

All these artists will be playing for us for 3 hours each, and as this party is a late runner, we welcome you to come and have breakfast with us. From 5am entry will only be £10 on the door, an extra special price for an extra special event.

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