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Two fresh faces on the house music scene will be heading up Connected's London Underground Showcase at Cable on the last Saturday of the month. Releasing his first track in 2009, Jordan Peak quickly mader his mark with a string of tracks on labels such as Robsoul, Raum...Musik, Saved and Tsuba. Being named this year as 'One to Watch' by Radio 1 has firmly placed his star in the ascent. Huxley first appeared on the scene around the same time as Jordan, with collaborator Ethyl on their critically acclaimed 2009 Sassanids EP - and has since gone on to release on Morris Audio, Fear Of Flying and Suara. we sat them down to find out how they first got into house music, and what they think about the current London scene.

For those that don’t know you, how would you describe your productions and the music you play out?
Jordan Peak: Low slung house music full of swing and swagger!
Huxley: A mixture of Old Skool House, Deep House and Garage. It's all kind of a bastardisation.

How did you first get into underground house music?
J: Through my Dad! He wasn't a DJ but he loved dance music. He collected all the early US House & Garage records, stuff like Todd Terry, Armand Van Helden, Masters At Work and DJ Sneak for example. It’s through listening to those records that I caught the bug, those sounds have stuck with me to this day
H: Well I first got into house through listening to UK Garage when I was about 16. That got me listening to old house and then I started going to minimal nights every week at The Key, The Cross and The End when I was about 18/19 - then I moved into proper house music.

Who do you count amongst your musical influences?
J: I get inspired by many artists for different reasons, but if I really have to narrow it down then special mentions have to go to Adam Shelton, Phil Weeks, Kerri Chandler, Craig Richards, Agnes and my very good friend Peter Glasspool who is without a doubt one of the most talented DJ's I've ever seen.
H: Tuff Jam, Kerri Chandler, Ray Hurley, MJ Cole, MCDE, Mike Dunn, Chez N Trent, J Dilla, Mountain People... loads!

Jordan - how did being named as one of Radio 1’s ‘One to Watch’ come about?
J: The producer of Pete Tong's show got in contact with me explaining that this year for ‘BBC Introducing’ they were going to include DJ’s/producers for the first time as well as bands and singers It was a real honour to be chosen and very surreal! As part of the feature I had a live interview with Pete on his radio show, it was insane to think that after growing up listening to his show and hearing his distinctive voice I found myself having a full on one to one with him. Thats the most nervous I've ever been in my life and probably ever will be!

Huxley - can you tell us about your new record label Saints & Sonnets?
H: Well we've just released our first 12”. It's an original from myself and Ethyl and has 2 stunning remixes from the legend Roman Flugel. I'm running it with a friend of mine, Jimmy Posters, and at the moment we're currently sorting out our next two releases. We've got some great artists coming up, established and new. It's a very exciting time, it's taking up most of my days right now!

Do you have any advice for up and coming producers?
J: Practice, practice, practice and practice some more! The more you practice the better you get. It took me about 4 years of messing around with sounds before I finally made something I was really happy with and ready to send out. Also don't get caught up in fads and always be true to yourself. Make the music you really want to make, don't worry about what the ‘in thing’ is because trends change so quickly.
H: Don't rush into things - take your time to work on music and make sure you're passionate about what you’re making. If you're not, it will come across in your tracks. Also don't follow the trends - set them!

Your next gig in London is Connected – The London Underground at Cable, what do you think of the current scene in London?

J: London is one of - if not the best - cities in the world for electronic music. There’s a very healthy scene and it never stops evolving. I've played for Connected a couple of times before and they have always been really fun gigs, the line up for this party in particular is incredible, and it will be exciting to hook up with Anthea, Huxley and Russ again.
H: It's getting better and better. It had a slump for a while a few years ago, but there is some great parties, DJs and producers coming out of London at the moment

Jordan Peak and Huxley will be playing at Connected on Saturday 26th November.

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