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Jubei is the name on the lips of almost every top-flight drum & bass DJ in 2011. Whether it’s his solo productions, his work as a member of Code 3 (with SP:MC and Dakuan) or collaborations with the likes of Breakage, Alix Perez, Icicle, S.P.Y., Lenzman, Logistics and Ulterior Motive, his music features heavily in the sets of those in the know. We Fear Silence got to catch up with him and ask him a few questions ahead of his set at Metalheadz this weekend.

We Fear Silence: So Jubei…Who would you love to do a Back to Back DJ set with?

Jubei: That’s a tough one, I have been pretty lucky so far to have played a few back2back’s with people I respect in the scene. Off the top of my head, I would still like to play back2back with dBridge / Goldie and Marcus Intalex. I respect all of them and for different reasons as DJs.

If you were to DJ another genre of music, what would it be?

Probably Techno, however I do love the Dubstep. Youngsta plays and the way he DJs and blends the tracks together is second to none. I would LOVE to play like Sir David Rodigan, with his pure energy, but I am more than happy doing what I am doing at the moment.

Name a record label you’d like to record on?

Outside of DnB I would probably say a label like Warp as its reputation and high standards have set the bar. A release on R&S records would be pretty cool as I used to collect their records years ago.

Your favourite Club Night to party at?

A mate of mine runs these wicked Warehouse Parties in Manor House; they are always good fun and are completely different from D&B events. Sometimes if I have the weekend off and its on, I usually head down to Craggz & Ben Samba’s night Insession at the Lockside Lounge in Camden. Great venue, headline DJs playing out of their usual genres.

A City you’ve yet to play in that you’d like to?

Sao Paulo in Brazil. I have always wanted to play in Brazil.

Are you interested in other musical forms (i.e. Film scores, opera etc)?

I am not too familiar with Film scores or Opera. I had a bit of a crash course on Classic Music when I did some work with Goldie last year. That was pretty cool and interesting but that was as far as it went I am afraid to say. Maybe when I get older and have more time I may get into other musical forms.

Do you play another instrument and have you ever been in a band?

I don’t play any instruments and I have never been in a band. The closest I have been to playing an instrument was when I was in Primary School and I took up Keyboard lessons to get out of going to Assembly on Thursday Mornings.

Favourite thing about your home city?

London is a great place to live as there is pretty much everything and anything on your doorstep. You have Clubs, Restaurants, Museums, Galleries, lots of amazing shops and culture. Plus its great for networking and seeing friends.

You can catch Jubei playing at Cable this Saturday with Goldie and the Metlheadz crew. Find out more information at
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