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Be prepared for the whole of Cable to tremble as the animated Kannamix launches his brand new ‘Angry Bear’ EP at Dub-All Or Nothing on 17th February. Known for tunes like the pulse-raising ‘Cherry Popper’ and the ear popping ‘Madness Descension’ the busy co-owner of label Gawa Records is most definitely one to watch out for. It was only right that we got a few words from the Frenchman as well as a mix ahead of his set so read on to find out about why he keeps a 50-year old vintage teddybear , the plans in store for him this year and why he counting on all the Dub-All or Nothing audience to change his mind on the English scene.

Where did the idea of the one-eyed teddy for the Kannamix logo come from for the Kannamix logo?

The one eyed teddy? Well it’s pretty embarrassing but I have a 50 year-old vintage Teddy Bear that my mother gave me when I was a kid and it’s never left me. It’s the only object I possess from my childhood and I really love bears so I just melted the two together and my housemate D.i.R and myself did the design.

You released ‘Cherry Popper’ last month - what was your inspiration behind the track?

Not sure…just apocalypse I guess, self loss. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to give names because all my tracks are from personal emotions, some of those I'd like to keep to myself!

What inspired you to start your own label and how did your partnership with Alan Waves come about?

Alan and I have been mates since we started production back in the day. When he offered me the chance to help out with his label I couldn't say no and now well….here I am haha, co-owner of GAWA !

What have you got in store for GAWA Recordings in 2012?

Trust me, you will not be disappointed. We've got a full release schedule until May already. All the artists’ we take on board are unique. I like to see us as the underdogs, music you don't expect to hear but always top quality. You can expect EPs from artists such as Duskdown, Sponge Bandits, Tarot, Murdaaa, Partyson, Mr Vandal, Geoff Bukk and many more.

What can fans expect from the Angry Bear EP?

Angriness….haha ! Hmmm well I made this EP when I came back from my tour in North America and a lot of that is in there as you can obviously understand from Arkansas Melody but also from the other tracks such as Skrewdivers and Public Good. I think this is my most complete "filth" EP but I've got another ready for after with an artist called V!xen. She's from Brooklyn and we've been working together quite a bit recently!

Any reasons behind your cheeky track titles?

As I said before all my track names relate to me but some tings I'd rather keep to myself!

What are the differences between the French scene and the English scene in your eyes?

I haven't had much chance to play a lot in the French scene but the events I played were off the hook in France, so far I've not been as impressed by a UK crowd, I'm counting on Cable to change that.

You released ‘Consensual Rape’ of Heavy Artillery records last year to critical acclaim - will we see any future releases with you from this label?

Well it seems like they are doing really good for themselves with a full release schedule and I have to take care of GAWA and develop. I usually get the same response from labels when I send demos which is "This is good but not our style". So I decided that unless someone huge decides to pick me up I'm sticking to my baby.

You co-produced a track with Arkasia any other future collaborations lined up?

It is not planned at the moment but Arkasia and I are pretty tight and we're playing two gigs together in the coming months including Cable of course.

Any track you can’t do a set without?

Hum…hard to tell. I don't prepare my sets but I usually find Hulk, Gangoon Dubz, 23 and I love playing out all the tunes by GAWA Artists. Many thanks to Dub-All-Or-Nothing Records and Cable. Can't wait…

Kannamix will be playing at Dub-All Or Nothing at Cable on 17th February alongside Arkasia, Trampa, Coven and more.
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