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Kasra first found his love for D&B as a bedroom DJ in the late 90’s and since then he’s created his own successful record label that has been recognised and respected internationally. Kasra’s Critical Music has exceeded all of his expectations as he initially didn’t expect to release more than five records however the labels longevity reflects on the quality of music released. With gigs as far as Shanghai to Berlin he is one DJ who is very much in demand. Read on to find out a little more about Kasra ahead of him playing at Basslaced this Friday.

The releases from your label are quite diverse, what influences you musically?
I do listen to a wide range of music, from 80’s American Hardcore Punk to Hip Hop, House, Techno and everything in between. My attitude towards the music I release is the same as my attitude to records I buy, if I like it I want it. Obviously with the label there’s a tempo remit to fulfil but I never let a certain sub-genre (dancefloor / deep etc) stop me from releasing something.

Also, where did the name for the label come from?
It’s a play on something being important, I didn’t want to just start a label for the sake of it. I wanted people to really care about the music.

How did your collaboration with S.P.Y. come about?
Me and Carlos had known each other for a while, I started playing around with Ableton and we got in a room and finished a track off. It was a relaxed process.

Do you prefer to collaborate rather than make tracks solo?
I like both - collaborating gives you enjoyment from bouncing ideas whilst working on your own gives you a sense of satisfaction from creating something yourself that is yours alone.

Through your label you have been able nurture emerging artists, was this a conscious effort from you?
Yep, working with new artists is one of the most exciting things for me. Helping them develop and pushing them to get the best out of their music is really rewarding.

Why do you think your label has taken off so well? Do you feel you were filling a gap in the market?
I think Critical is good at releasing straight up honest underground D&B, all the records are packaged nicely and pressed on good quality vinyl. We also work with artists who push themselves creatively. Sounds obvious but I think there’s always a place for good music.

What do you have planned for Kasra and the Critical label for the rest of the year?
Lots this year. We have releases from Dub Phizix, Enei, Foreign Concept, a very exciting new producer called Emperor, Break and more.

What can the Basslaced crowd expect from your set on 20th January?
Me and Foreign Concept will showcase the Critical Sound - high grade beats and basslines!

Kasra will be playing alongside Breakage, Benji B, Silkie, Foreign Concept and more at Basslaced on Friday 20th January.
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Kasra Interview
17th January 2012
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