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The last time ABOC were at Cable was back in July for the 10 years of Commercial Suicide launch, and since then, label boss Klute has been busy putting together the imprint’s first full label compilation – featuring himself, Calibre, Dub Phizix, Break, Vicious Circle and more. The list of contributors reads like a who’s who of contemporary drum and bass production, whilst as always, pushing the boundaries of the genre ever forward. Since A Bunch of Cuts returns to Cable once more this Saturday, we thought it was a good time so sit him down and find out his 7 Ways to Fear Silence - three tracks for the floor, three for the sofa, and one all time favourite. What we got was a selection in keeping with his eclectic musial influences, taking in techno, rock, D&B and... a talking cardboard mouse?!

Three for the floor

Dose, Trei & Menace - Valium Express VIP (Commercial Suicide)
Originally released a few years ago on Suicide the guys in Christchurch NZ did a sneaky re-lick that almost seems more popular than the original. Always goes down a storm and is regularly requested by the munters down the front.

Gridlok - Insecticide (Project51)
As the title suggests this one just creeps across the system like a monster insect. Always someone to watch out for, Gridlok takes us on a journey with this classic tech stepper that harks back to prime era Ed Rush & Optical. Always kills it.

S.P.Y. - Seconds to Midnight (Hospital)
SPY tunes always work well with a crowd and this one is just my currant fav. It’s quite aerobic, not too dark and not too light.Guaranteed for head down, no nonsense mindless boogie.

Three for the sofa

Sandwell District - Feed Forward [album] (Sandwell District)
If you’re looking for a killer techno excursion that you can immerse yourself in, look no further. Absolutely killer sub nautical atmospheres.

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock [album] (Universal)

A hugely over looked album from the early 90's which has ended up being massively influential particularly with a lot of out rock bands. Very dreamy and drifty.

Various Artists - Fingerbobs - Original TV Music [album] (Trunk)
Always a big fan of my friend Jonny Trunk’s output, this one is warm and comforting and very very good!

One all time favourite

Suburban Knight - The Art of Stalking (Transmat)
I cant pick one tune, but since this is for dance music I’ll chose this. This is the root of all evil - the blueprint for everything that is important in techno and beyond.

Klute plays at We Fear Fear Silence present A Bunch of Cuts Saturday 17th December 2011.

Klute's new Commercial Suicide compilation is out now.

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