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A legend in his own right, Krafty Kuts is still making waves in the Breaks scene after more than a decade in the music industry as producer and DJ. Now with his new label, Instant Vibes, behind him he plans to continue his love affair with all things breaks by bringing through new talent such as Jay Robinson who has recently released the aptly titled ‘Dig The Nubreed’ EP. Ahead of the release of his latest album ‘Let’s Ride’ he took some time out to talk to us about his new label, his progression as a musician and the ever-changing face of bass led music.

You’re launching your new album ‘Let’s Ride’ at Cable on November 5th - what are your wheels of choice and where are you riding to?
Wheels of choice is my Audi Q5 heading to the hottest ticket in town there's gonna be fireworks that's for sure!

How does Let’s Ride compare to your last artist album ‘Freak Show’?
Let's Ride is, I feel, another step forward on my Krafty journey to keep making better music with each LP. I am learning and digesting so much great musical genres on my trips around the world, it helps keep my sound fresh and my production forward thinking. I have still kept all things Krafty i.e. the Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Breaks tip but added some new flavours and put it in the cooking pot, given it a good mix and after two years of hard work, I think this is by far my best work to date.

The album’s out on your new label Instant Vibes – what’s the best way to get instant vibes according to Krafty Kuts?
Come to a Krafty show; it's all about the vibe, having a party and getting down to some heavy funky beats & bass.

You cleaned up at the Breakspoll award this year including winning ‘Oustanding Contribution to Breaks’ – any emotional Oscar-type speeches going on? Or is just – “here’s yer trophy, have a tequila, get on the dancefloor?”
Ha ha not me. I am all about my fans and to win awards for doing a job I love is a massive bonus to me. I am as enthusiastic as ever, still enjoy DJ-ing and writing music and the best is still to come from me and that is a promise.

Surely you’re allowed to put your feet up for a bit after all that? Though we’re guessing you’re not going to – what’s in store for the rest of the year?
For some reason my work is just getting busier & busier, I have so much to do there are never enough hours in the day. The next year ahead is colossal; I have so many good things in the pipeline. My Krafty shows for sure, USA, Canada, OZ & NZ tours scheduled & loads of DJ mixes to compile. Working really hard on pushing the label, signing new acts and getting some merchandise together. I have some great tracks coming soon on Instant Vibes and I am working very closely with my new signing Jay Robinson who is also at the launch party. Jay has some wicked new tracks on the go and I honestly think next year is gonna be huge for this very talented young producer.


Minimal, maximal, grime, dubstep, wobble… music trends come and go but breaks always seems to maintain a healthy following no matter what else is happening around it. What’s the key to its enduring popularity?
There are not a lot of breakbeat producers in comparison to the other big genres i.e. Dubstep, Drum n Bass & House so when I play I have such great music it goes down so well with the crowds. Also I play other styles, mix it up and take the crowd on a musical ride. I put a tremendous effort into my DJ sets with Dynamite MC vocals, edits, intro's and basically changing my style around to keep it fresh & exciting.

How much has the scene been influenced or affected by the rise of dubstep and bass music? Do you feel there is much crossover between the genres?
A little. The 140 jungle breaks that flirts around dubstep is working really well and to be honest Dubstep, DnB all are about the beats & bass so they can all be played in the same night and people appreciate the variety. Dubstep has definitely helped push the musical boundaries of bass music around the world with its popularity - that is a plus for dance music in general.

You’ve lined up DJ Yoda & Adam F to play alongside you for the album launch – are they old pals of yours?
They certainly are and artists who I respect immensely and have worked alongside many times. All the acts on the line up have a connection somewhere and I think the various styles of music is going to work perfectly on the night.

What’s your favourite track to play out at the moment?
I just finished the last track on the LP "Bang The Underground" and it has been causing dance floor devastation. A big heavy club banger that certainly packs a big punch.

What can we expect from your set at the launch party? Any surprises?
There are always a few Krafty surprises in store; mainly loads of fresh new music and edits made especially for the night, but this party is all about the music and quality of the DJ's. some of the best around all in one night!

And where will we find you after your set – propping up the bar, busting moves on the dancefloor, or enjoying a nice cup of cocoa back at the hotel?!
I will be checking out all the DJ's on show mingling with the crowd taking photo's doing interviews and enjoying a crazy night see you on the dance floor.

Krafty Kuts will be playing alongside Dynamite MC, DJ Yoda, Adam F and more at the 'Let's Ride' album launch party on 5th November 2011 at Cable.

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