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From D&B to Dubstep the duo of Si and Leon, aka Kryptic Minds, have put their touch on some of the most intricately crafted bass led music of recent memory. With a definitive sound that is subtle and melancholic it’s easy to see how their music direction can be labelled as ‘for the purists’. As well as counting half-step aficionado Youngsta as an admirer of their sound, they were the first act to release on Loefah’s infamous Swamp 81 imprint. We caught up with them ahead of their appearance at ABC this Friday to talk all things Dubstep and more.

Following the success of your recent album, ‘Can’t Sleep’, what's next on the cards for Kryptic Minds?
We are currently working on another album on a big label however we can't say much else about it, although it's worthy to mention that you can expect something different from this album. In the meantime expect some more releases on our label Osiris Music UK with label nights to follow.

After the release of your album you must have played all over the place, does any show in particular stand out in your minds this summer?
We played a lot of amazing parties this summer however a show we did in Amsterdam earlier this year still stands out when we take a look at the highlight reel.

Considering you are playing between RackNRuin and Artful Dodger, what changes, if any, would you make to your set?
None. Artful Dodger do their thing, RackNRuin has his sound, and like always expect a lot of bass from us!

What artist from the Dubstep scene has influenced you the most?
Ok, when we say influenced it doesn't mean they influenced our sound, it's more the attitude of artists like Youngsta, Mala, Loefah and Distance. They all show so much passion for the music and we find that's the greatest influence in itself.

What's your favourite tune of the year?
Our favourite tune this year has got to be 'Propaganda' by Biome. Or our favourite one we did has got to be 'Badman VIP'

That takes me onto my next question, do you ever plan on releasing Badman VIP?
NO! That one is exclusive, it's just for us and Youngsta.

Speaking of Youngsta, people often associate you guys because of your similar tastes in Dubstep - are you guys working on anything together?
Yes we are - expect to hear some collaborations in the New Year.

How did you originally meet Loefah?
We met Loefah through Youngsta - we had been working with Youngsta for about a year when one day he said, ‘You should send some bits to Loefah, he will like what you are doing’.

How do you feel about people describing your music as deep?
We are more than happy that people describe our music the way it sounds.

You used to produce Drum & Bass, what influenced the change?
After the release of our last Drum & Bass album in 2007, called ‘Lost All Faith’ on Defcom Records, we felt like we had done everything we wanted to within the scene and it was time for a change. We still love the sounds of D-Bridge, Loxy and Ink but music is about playing what you enjoy and right now we are loving the sounds that people have come to expect from us.

Who is your favourite Hip Hop artist?
Without a doubt KRS-One.

If you could go back to back with any DJ dead or alive who would it be?
John Peel.

And last but not least, if you had to get stuck in a lift for two hours with anyone in the world, dead or alive who would it be?
OK we couldn't agree on this one, so we came up with different answers. Also we thought it would be a good idea to pick someone we could talk to because two hours is quite a long time.

Si : Jaco Pastorius

Leon : Jimi Hendrix

Kryptic Minds will be playing at Cable alongside Artful Dodger, RackNRuin and Ratpack at ABC on Friday 4th November.
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