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Saturday 15th December saw Shogun Audio once more return the Cable, but this time it was for their last ever gig under these arches. A relationship first formed in August 2010, it can be safe to say that we have most definitely shared some of the best moments in Cable's history with the Shogun boys, who put on many memorable parties over the years. And as this was the last ever Shogun here, they definitely went out with a bang with one of their strongest lineups to date. Head honcho Friction absolutely smashed the main room for 2 hours, demonstrating why he is still one of the most revered DnB DJ's in the game. Headliner Dub Phizix brought his dark, bass driven sound alongside Shogun boys Icicle, Spectrasoul, Rockwell and not forgetting the ever popular Alix Perez. Garage legend MJ Cole took control of things in Room 2 alongside The Prototypes and Friction, who put on a real show with a freestyle set.

We here at Cable would like to wish the Shogun lads all the best for future... it definitely has been fun! (Dry eyes... cue the photos).
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