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Loadstar consists of two producers named Xample and Lomax who thought of a new identity from an old commodore 64 computer game console. They met in Liverpool whilst Gavin was studying and then both moved down to Bristol at the same time. Both had already pushed the boundaries of the Drum and Bass scene before collaborating but 2010 was a pivotal year... May saw the release of the 'shamefully, powerfully, grippingly addictive'(IDJ)'Remember', backed by the lethal 'Rushin' Dragon', showcasing the promising depth and variety of their joint talent. After developing into a formidable production team, with a handful of singles getting them to A lister status, it was time to work on a debut album, and comfort their partnership by choosing a specific name. So, for the release of the awesome 'Link ToThe Past' ('A huge alien mammoth' - DJ Mag), they came up with the name Loadstar. 2011 sees the release of the album and already some huge tunes including 'BLVD'. We had a chance to sit down with them before their UKF set tonight and chat to them.

Cable: Hi Nick, cheers for taking the time out to talk to us. Who would you love to do a Back to Back DJ set with?

Loadstar: Carl Cox, I've seen him live so many times. We were lucky enough to hang out with him at his studio in Melbourne last year and the guy is an absolute legend!

If you were to DJ another genre of music, what would it be?

Techno. You can do so much more intricate mixing with EQ and fx, its all in the subtlety in the music and that makes it perfect for mixing!

Name a record label you'd like to record on?

Warp, such a pioneering label and a back catalogue of incredible tunes from over the years.

A City you've yet to play in that you'd like to?

Somewhere in South America would be pretty awesome, we've never been before! Tokyo is also on the agenda, we are out there soon.

Are you interested in other musical forms (i.e. Film scores, opera etc)?

We have produced sonic art/library music for a few years as well as the dance music stuff.... had lots of music used on TV, recently we've done music for the BBC on the Commonwealth Games, 6Nations Rugby and the 'Doctor Who' trailer. Writing film scores one day would be a dream!

Do you play another instrument and have you ever been in a band?

Nick has played piano form an early age and studied music at university. Gav was the lead guitarist in a very unsuccessful band called 'Atrocity' which sadly disbanded in '98

Favourite thing about your home city?

Bristol - Music scene, the people, summer festivals!

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