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Although they are set to reunite at Cable this Saturday for a celebration of 20 years of musical history, Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard usually live thousands of miles apart – with Tom sipping espresso in Lecce, Italy whilst Mark throws another shrimp on the barbie on Bondi Beach. OK – enough of the stereotypes – we thought we’d find out what they really get up to in their adopted homes in the first of our new blog series Local Knowledge.

Tom Middleton on Lecce, Italy

Lecce Italy

What’s the best thing about living in Lecce, or in Italy in general?
The family-centric culture, sunshine, crystal blue sea, fresh seafood, local fruit & veg and amazing wines.

What do you miss most about home?
Cultural diversity! Non-Italian Restaurants, 24/7 petrol stations, clubs that don’t just play trendy minimal techno 4/4 beats, museums, galleries, festivals, UK TV and radio.

What’s your top tip for eating in Lecce?
La Torre di Merlino Ristorante – a great selection of Salentino classic dishes and amazing wood fired oven Pizza.

Top tip for drinking in Lecce?
Allombra del Barocco – watch out for the free Grappa shots trick you to get you to stay for another round or three.

Top tip for dancing in Lecce?
Quartiere Latino – make sure you practice a two-handed air loofah back scrub move for the breakdowns!

Best Sunday afternoon activity in Lecce?
Hitting the Gelateria and strolling around the Centro Storico people watching (and flirting!)

How does Italy’s club scene compare to the UK?
Some international talent, a lot of German and US DJ’s, but it’s all about House, Minimal, Techno and the odd Drum & Bass veteran. I haven’t found a Dubstep scene yet.

Best piece of local lingo you’ve picked up?
The many uses of the word ‘cazzo’ (dick).
“Sono cazzi tuoi” means “Those are your dicks”, as in “That’s your problem.”
“Fa i cazzi tuoi” means “Do your own dicks” as in “Mind your own business.”

Any local music talent you want to shout about?
Yes, I want to shout about bloody Negroamaro live concerts (a local alt rock band who have a massive following – not my glass of vino even slightly!). They cause epic roadblocks and 2 hour long tailbacks when you’re trying to go to a restaurant!

Tell us something about your adopted home that we might not know or expect…
Even though the strada’s have two lanes, don’t expect Italians to drive exclusively in one lane, or indicate which lane they want to move into. Drifting somewhere in the middle is standard, as is flashing from a mile behind you to get you move out the way when they’re flooring it.

Mark Pritchard on Syndey, Australia

Bondi Sydney

What’s the best thing about living in Sydney?
I know it’s a cliché but definitely the weather. It’s just so much brighter over here – and it really helps when you’re working crazy hours that you can finish and still get to see some daylight – it stops you losing the plot. I thought it might affect the music I was making and I’d suddenly start producing loads of upbeat, summery reggae, but that hasn’t happened yet.

What do you miss most about home?
The English sense of humour. Plus you do miss the cultural references that you have when you’re living in your own country.

What’s your top tip for eating in Sydney?
I love a place called Onde in Kings Cross – they only have a small menu but it’s all amazing! Great steak, fish and chips, and this chocolate terrine they do which is unbelievable. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Top tip for dancing in Sydney?
A couple of years ago I think Sydney had the edge over Melbourne – Melbourne clubs were still playing a lot of broken beat and hip hop, whereas Sydney had jumped straight on the dubstep sound and was getting it right. A couple of clubs I used to go to were The Phoenix bar on Oxford Street and The Abercrombie – which is now closed down. These days I think the Sydney club scene is suffering a bit with lack of suitably sized venues, meaning promoters are often be afraid to take risks.

Best Sunday afternoon activity in Sydney?
There’s a great Chinese gallery called White Rabbit near Redfern. I stumbled across it one weekend, but the collection is really amazing – and they have loads of crazy tea in the café!

Best piece of local lingo you’ve picked up?
The best local lingo I’ve heard is: “Some kanagroos have escaped in the top paddock” which is basically the equivalent of saying someone’s got a screw loose! Also sometimes when you get out of the city you hear some proper old school lingo that you used to hear in Home & Away – like “Strewth!” and “Flaming Galah”. I only recently found out that a Galah is a type of Cockatoo!

Any local music talent you want to shout about?
There’s a mad Brisbane band called Monster Zoku Onsomb, who dress up as superheroes and play synths. Promoter wise, there’s a crew in Melbourne called Espionage who have been bringing over people like Flying Lotus and The Gaslamp Killer, and in Sydney Void have been putting on some great nights – mainly dubstep with a hint of grime. I’ve found I love playing in Perth – the crowds are just up for hearing a real diverse selection, it’s great.

Tom Middleton & Mark Prichard will be appearing as Global Communication, Reload, Jedi Knights, Link and E621, Secret Ingredients and Chameleon on Saturday 10th September at Cable.
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