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You recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, any future expeditions planned?

It was a very challenging experience but I feel very fortunate I was able to go and see such a beautiful part of the world and raise some much needed money for charities whilst doing it. I hope to repeat it in 5 years time. In the meantime I am going to be more active raising money for Help For Heroes and Save The Children.

Good work! Can you tell us about your new project 'Generation Next'?

I just saw that there were very few outlets for young Grime MCs to be heard these days with fewer and fewer pirate radio stations or even youth clubs for them to practise their craft. YouTube is a democratic place where anyone has the same size box in which to show off their abilities and we have seen a whole generation migrate over there. I just thought that if someone like myself co-signed a project for under18 MCs it could help give them the push they needed to get recognised.

You have been an integral part of the Grime scene for a long time now, who has been the most exciting producer over the years?

Oh I couldn't say who is the MOST. I never have favourites and try not to rank art against itself because I feel that is unhealthy and defeats the purpose. I will say though that over the years I have loved music from a wide variety of producers and it is great that some of them are still going just as strong today as they were in 2003!

Good answer. What makes a Grime event stand out from the rest?

Energy. Passion. Rawness. It's not really about image and being flash, it is about getting that raw reaction from the listener. That is why when you see a good Grime set live there is very little that can match it!

What musical direction do you think 'Grime' is heading in? Where does it's future lie?

More of the same! Right now is a very healthy time for independent music releases and for alternative sounds to those offered by the mainstream.Grime is doing very well without label backing or major media coverage which is very reassuring. There's lots of people making and playing Grime now that are doing an amazing job!

Agreed! Outside of the genre what else do you listen to?

I listen to alsorts. US Rap, 90s rock, 50s swing allllllll different types of music! Whatever takes my fancy to be honest. I do love a bit of Old School UK Garage too, especially when the sun's out. All 2 weeks of British summer!

You were celebrating with Licked Beatz at their 2nd Birthday what was your highlight?

Seeing the people all come piling into our room for my set with Riko, Discarda and MIK. I love getting people HYPE in the rave and that's definitely what happened!


Licked Beatz at Cable - Friday 25th May

Catch Logan Sama performing at this Friday's Licked Beatz party alongside; Joker, Zed Bias, Terror Danjah & Riko, Marcus Nasty, Swindle, Preditah + Scrufizzer & Kozzie, Submerse, Uncle Dugs, Stinkahbell + loads more.

For tickets and full info - click here.
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