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Lets roll things right back to the beginning. How did you first get into music and producing and where and when did you discover your love for house music?

Norman: I often accompanied my father, a musician and DJ, on tour where I absorbed a melting pot of party music, from Funk and Disco to Hip-Hop and Acid Jazz. When I was 14 I heard my first Chicago house mix on tape – a musical revelation and the beginning of my subsequent career.

Marco: I discovered electronic music in Berlin in the early 90s in a friend's basement studio where I first started to delve into drum machines and synthesisers. By 1994 I’d started to buy vinyl and my story began.

What is the one piece of kit that you couldn’t be without in your studio?

The PSP3 and FIFA Soccer!

How methodical are you in the studio? Do you let your creative side do the talking and things develop naturally?

We aren’t methodical at all. Things are always developing naturally.

What personal (Luna City Express) piece of music or remix has stood out for you and why – that’s if you can narrow it down to one, if not your top 3?!

Mr. Jack from our album on Moon Harbour in 2009 still stands out for us. These crazy vocals from Aaron Palmer combined with this dirty-ass bass line are unique. We still love that track and people seem to feel the same.

What do you have in store for us production-wise for the rest of 2012?

Currently we’re working on a remix for Italoboyz. Furthermore we plan to do another release for Moon Harbour this year.

Are you looking forward to coming and playing in London again? Do you enjoy visiting London?

Of course, Norman looks really forward to it and London is always worth a visit!

What three songs are played most on your ipod at the moment?

We don’t use iPods. ;0)

What do you do to relax when your not on the road or in the studio?

Norman: When I’m away I spend most of my time with my kids and my wife.

Marco: When I’m away from the studio or not playing any gigs I run my own label and booking agency with a partner. And of course I love to spend time with my wife.

Who are you digging in scene at the moment? Is there anyone that you’re really keeping an eye on?

Oh there are plenty of nice talents out there. It’s great to see that! Keep an eye on Hector Coutu for example – he’s very talented and his tracks always rock when we’re playing them.

Finally, what can we expect from your performance at Talk Is Cheap on Friday?

Be sure that Norman will make you dance and that it’s gonna be fun!

Quick fire questions:

Favourite food?
There’s so much good stuff! But we love Thai Food for example.

Favourite film?
Quentin Tarantino’s films are always intense, but we have many more favourite films.

Favourite track of all time?
There isn’t just one!

Track you would most like to remix?

Prince - Controversy

Favourite club?
There isn’t just one, neither!

Favourite city?

Favourite live artist?

Favourite DJ?
We actually don’t have a favourite DJ. There are a lot of good DJs out there, it wouldn’t be fair to name just one here.


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