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Having just released his second album entitled ‘Devil's in the Detail’ on his own imprint, Detail Recordings, Lynx always strives for a deeper aesthetic when it comes to his music and DJ sets. Working with a diverse list of collaborators ranging from Kemo to Marcus Intalex on this album he manages to push the boundaries of what Drum & Bass can sound like and more importantly feel like. Ahead of his appearance at A Bunch of Cuts this Saturday we sat down with Lynx to talk about his inspirations for his new album, his ideal film cast and a special request for Father Christmas.

Hi Lynx – your new album came out a couple of weeks ago, it’s been getting heavy rotation in the Cable office, it’s bloody brilliant! Has writing it been a long process?

Thanks! In general it was quite a quick process. The majority of the writing took about 6 months, however some tracks such as ‘Burn’ and ‘9 Muses’ were started back in 2009. In fact ‘Burn’ really inspired me to write ‘Devil's in the Detail’. It was originally planned for my first album ‘The Raw Truth’ on Soul:R but never made the final cut. I knew it had to be part of my second album. It turned out it was the tune that started the writing process and was the final tune to be finished.

There’s some fantastic collaborations on there – Marcus Intalex, Fats, Sense, Noisia… do you prefer working in conjunction with other artists to flying solo?
It’s a greater challenge to collaborate than working alone. It’s not always easy to keep everyone following the same vision for a track, but when the balance is found then you can often get a greater result that a tune made on your own.

Collaborations with Hellrazor, ‘Devil's in the Detail’, lyrics about burning the streets, spooky keys and some slightly evil sounding wailing and laughing at the start of the opening track ‘Without Warning’ – is this your dark side coming out?!
Haha, maybe so! I like my music to be edgy, thought provoking and challenge the listener as well as working on the dancefloor. The wailing at the start of ‘Without Warning’ is actually a percussive instrument that was recorded for me in Germany a few years back. The inspiration of the opening of the album was ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. At one point of production there was even a vocal that accompanied the intro, inspired by Vincent Price, the guy who does the talking part in Thriller. Sadly it never made the cut, but made a great DJ exclusive for gigs around Halloween this year!

Track 3 of the album is called ‘Time Machine’ – where would you travel back or forward in time to if you had a time machine?

It would be awesome to travel back in time to see first-hand all the different amazing points in history. However I would have to try and do something good to change the future - which would have to be, tell everyone that capitalism doesn’t work! It’s just a way to put even more wealth in the rich's pockets.

It’s great to hear a Drum & Bass album with such diversity of styles and tempos – from the laid back beats of ‘9 Muses’ to the frenzy that is ‘Blip Blop’! Do have to get yourself into different mindsets depending on the style of track you’re working on? Double espressos vs. herbal aids such as… erm… Camomile tea?!

I rarely have a preconceived idea of what I will write when I’m in the studio. It’s more like the mood develops in each track and forms its own identity as it goes, I just try to enhance that and bring it into focus. Generally late night writing is the best, and a good cup of tea always helps to keep you awake!

Some of the tracks have a film-score like quality to them - is that something you’d like to do?
It would be a dream to write all the music for a film or computer game! ‘Time Machine’ was actually inspired by John Carpenter's 80s sci-fi movie Escape From New York.

What type of film would it be and who would star in it?
Hmmm, I actually love slower paced quirky movies. Being John Malkovich, Lost in Translation etc. So it would have to be a road trip movie with Jeff Bridges, Jack Nicholson and my all-time favourite actor Bill Murray. To give it that surreal edge I would get David Lynch to direct it.

One of the tracks is called ‘Jetlag’ – been jetting off anywhere exciting for gigs recently?
Yep I recently came back from my album tour in the states. It was pretty cool, the first time I did a full tour out there. The scene is really different depending which state you’re in. It was a great chance for me to properly visit cities like Toronto, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Houston and New York.

Another track is called ‘Some Things Never Change’. Like what?

The direct reference when writing the tune was actually about Drum & Bass being about the clubs and smashing a dancefloor. That’s even if you’re writing deep Drum & Bass. Even though you can wrap it up in all the clever fancy trickery you like, it’s still about it smashing it when it’s dropped. It always leaves me feeling slight torn as I never want to feel like I have to cater for that but knowing full well that this is the market for the music.

We’re very much looking forward to hearing you play at A Bunch of Cuts at Cable on Sat 17th December – for anyone who’s not been down to an ABOC night before – what can they expect?
It’s a really great night that has bags of good vibes, friendly people and the best deep Drum & Bass music you will hear in the world!

Now your album’s out - what’s next for Lynx?
I’m already writing more material now, touring the album and experimenting with some other styles of music. There will be part two of ‘Devil's in the Detail’ on vinyl in February 2012. Also my sample pack has just come out on

Anything you’d like to ask Father Christmas for this year?
Facebook recently shut down my accounts for not using my 'real name'! I would like from Santa to get all my lovely friends back: they can add me here.

Lynx will be appearing at A Bunch Of Cuts on 17th December alongside Calibre, D-Bridge, Doc Scott, Klute and more.

His album ‘Devils in the Detail’ is out now on Detailed Records which you can purchase here.

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Lynx Interview
13th December 2011
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