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You may have seen Maksim alongside Document One at a Dubstep rave over the last year on his hosting duties but he’s also branched out into recording music as an MC and also DJing too. Having released music on labels like Buygore, Play Me and Dubline he’s already been acquainted with a life in music beyond club nights but he still has the knack for solid DJ mix when he’s ready. Ahead of hosting Room one alongside Linguistic at Idiosynphonic on 6th January he’s put together a mix featuring the likes of Document One, Doctor P, Persist as well a few choice cuts from the man himself. We also got a few words from the man himself where he talks about his start in music as well as his music plans for 2012.

Both yourself and Linguistics have hosted huge nights all over the world, how do you feel to be hosting together at Cable for Idiosynphonic?
It's a great night that's always a pleasure to host. Both myself and Linguistics have known each other for a couple of years now hosting various events together and I think I can say it's one of the best nights we've hosted as duo so far.

When did you first realise you had a talent in this area?
I dabbled in the rap game aged 16 and didn't really take it seriously or continue until about the age of 19. Then I went to university to do music production and got back into the whole MCing thing when Dubstep was coming through a bit more.

Which MCs & vocalists did you find as inspirations when you were starting out?
Loads of really obvious ones. I spent a lot of time listening to Biggie, Eminem and Kano as well as anyone who's got mad rhythms.

You seem to be a jack of all trades genre-wise, we've even heard you on a Dubstep rework of 'Put a Spell on You'! Any genre's you haven’t touched on yet that you'd like to?
To be honest I just write to the beats that I'm given. I’ve been lucky to work with guys like Document One with Dubstep and people like Harvest on Drum & Bass. I’m getting a lot of 110 & 100bpm beats through at the moment which
I'm liking very much.

You're a Londoner but you studied music at Leeds. Straight up - North or South?!
SOUTH BLUD! But I got much love for the Leeds massive.

As an MC with a slower, more recognisable style, was it hard at first getting into the industry?
It's always difficult but perseverance is key, I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near where I'd like to be but I've certainly got a foot on the ladder so I'm going to take full advantage of that.

From your point of view is it more enjoyable hosting a large, open event or an enclosed club setting?

As an MC, as long as there's a decent stage and a crowd that's up for jumping around till 5am, I’m happy.

Idiosynphonic is Cable's first Friday night of the New Year! – will you be newly struggling with a resolution on the night?
Well I didn't have one, but let's say I'll do my best to release more tunes next year than I have done this year, nice and simple.

You've got obviously also got talent as a DJ. Do you ever get the urge for a role change when you play a night?
Why do you think I carry my CDs with me!

If you weren't MCing as Maksim what would you be doing?
Probably playing the Cello. I started when I was 6 and stopped taking it seriously at about 18, when MCing became the main thing. I'd be attempting to murk the classical game and you would have never heard of me!

What tips would you give to anyone new trying to get noticed in the industry?
Keep making tunes or featuring on tunes. Luck is made by working your ass off, so do that and you'll get 'lucky'.

Which producers can we expect to see you collaborating with in the New Year?
Lots more in the works with Document One and I might get into trouble for saying this but I may as well give you a little teaser. There's never a certainty with releasing the tracks we make but I'm currently working with Roksonix, Twist, NumberNin6, Habstrakt, Addergebroed and a few more, so be on the lookout for new ones in 2012!

Maksim is hosting Room 1 at Idiosynphonic on 6th January 2012 with Hazard, D*Minds, Cutline, Slumdogz B2B Cookie Monsta and more.

Maksim Idiosynphonic Mix by MaksimMusic


Levels - Filth Collins (forthcoming Second to None)
The Jungle - Sigma (Funtcase remix)
Ace in the Pack - Document One Feat. Maksim
The Reaper - Persist
Rising Higher - Document One
Peaceful Devastation - Distantt
Don't Panic - Addergebroed
Rough Stuff - Retrospect feat Maksim
Talk To Me - Kill The Noise
Ruffneck (FULL Flex) - Skrillex
To The Stars - Modestep (Break the Noize & the Autobots remix)
The State - Porter Robinson (Skism remix)
Forgot About Dre - Emalkay (Captain Crunch revamp edit)
Watch Out - Doctor P
Ruff Beats - Teknian (Coven remix)
The Next Episode - Koan Sound (Captain Crunch edit)
Kill Everybody - Skrillex (Koan Sound remix)
>> Headbop - Retrospect Feat. Maksim
Jump - DCarls Feat. Maksim (Dirt Monkey remix)
>> Contact - Noisia & Foreign Beggars
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