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The uncompromising Margaret Dygas has been a pillar of the underground House and Techno scene both during her time in London and her current home Berlin where she can be seen playing Sunday morning sets at Panorama Bar. With a self-titled album released at the end of last year on Perlon she is gradually building up a catalogue of timeless and personal music that works both on and off the dance floor. We were happy to grab a few words with her ahead of her performance at [moh-teef] on 4th February which will also be the official opening of our new sister club, Relay.

Hi Margaret, we’re very excited to have you play at the launch of a new club Relay, AND a new night [moh-teef]! What’s new at the moment for Margaret Dygas?
It's January, I'm chillin'! Feet up, hair down! Catching up on films as well as finishing intricate mathematical equations.

Your most recent self-titled album, ‘Margaret Dygas’ sounds like a statement. Where do you see your position in the House and techno world?
A statement? Wow! Actually, I couldn't come up with a title so we left it out, nothing more nothing less. Not sure what you mean by "position". I'm just grateful I’m able to keep on doing what I really love and share some good times.

One of the tracks on the album is called ‘Country Way of Life’ - are you a country or a city girl at heart, and why?
I'd say 50/50. City for the cultural salad. The energy that it has / gives / takes away. Noise. Don't have to ride a horse to the next shop. Surprises. The country for horses. Creamy butter grandma made from the lovely cow named Sue. The smell of freshly cut grass or the cow named Sue. Being able to hear the wind playing with leaves and nothing else, it's hot!

On ‘Obinhs Groove’ there is a vocal that say: “I like badger racing”. How wonderfully surreal! Where did that idea come from?
It's a sample that I found, I liked the girls voice at first, realised later what she was saying.

You’ve lived in three of the most important musical cities in the world; London, New York and Berlin - how has each place influenced you differently musically?
I think what a country girl would say is that, you had to be there and I could skip this question, but only because the answer would be a long one and I have to go to sleep soon... danced my ass off!

What phase in your life did London represent for you?
Some hard ghetto times and many many amazing mind blowing ones! Big learning curves and soul searching. Learning how to pour beer form a tap and hiding form landlords. Meeting the most beautiful people ever and flat shoes.

Any old favourite hang outs in London you’ll be going to check out whilst you’re back?
Let's see.

You’re resident at Panorama bar - one of the world’s best loved clubs. What opportunities has this opened up for you, and how has it allowed you to further develop your DJing style?
I love this place and everything about it, 'nough said smile

Can you give us a couple of insider tips on where to hang out - eat / drink coffee / shop etc?
There are couple of favourites around my house, can’t remember names at the moment. But, you will find what you are looking for, where the streets have no names.

Where will we find you after your set at [moh-teef] - letting loose on the dancefloor, hanging by the bar, or tucked up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate?!
Who knows?! Thank you for the lovely invite! Wishing you all the very best in the New Year! See you very soon!

Margaret Dygas will be playing at the [moh-teef] launch night on 4th February alongside Voigtmann, J Nelson, Pete Glasspool and Leroy Roberts.
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