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So lets start from the beginning... Where Did the name Maribou State come from?

To be honest it’s not as exciting as it sounds… We played around with a few names early on but couldn’t find anything that fit. Chris was reading the Irvine Welsh book ‘Marabou Stork Nightmares’ at the time and we just adapted the name from there.

Great book though! It's nearly a year since you started producing together, what do you have lined-up for us production-wise? Any special collaborations?

We're currently gearing up for our first EP with Southern Fried Records. We're going to be putting out a couple of EPs over the year and looking at an album in 2013. We have some great collaborations coming up over the summer, including an e.p with producer Pedestrian and a vocal feature from Saint Saviour. Watch this space!

What's your favourite Maribou State tune of the last year?

For me it would have to be Olivia. It kind of felt like we had reached a point in the studio where we were happy with the sound that was being outputted, especially as it gave us a good direction to move forward with. The new stuff that’s coming with Southern Fried is quite different in some ways and we’re really excited to get it out.

What musical direction are you planning to take Maribou State and who is inspiring your sounds at the moment?

As I mentioned, the new stuff that’s dropping soon is moving in a new direction for us but still hopefully retaining our ‘Maribou’ Sound. As of late we have been really working with stuff that fits the ‘home listening’ profile. There is still some ‘clubbier’ tracks heading out, especially with remixes but as far as originals go we’re really trying to push ore of an organic vibe and incorporate a lot more vocal features and live instrumentation.
What are your Top 3 dance floor bombs at the moment?
We switch up our sets quite a lot when we DJ but there are always a few tracks that hang around. We always try and spin some Bonobo tracks when we play. I’m a big fan of Oizo’s ‘Flat Eric’ as well and that always gets a good response. There’s a new remix from Pedestrian were supporting as well that goes off every time!

Can we expect anything 'brand new' from your performance at Cable on Friday?

Well we’ve just got the masters back for our next EP so will definitely be giving them a go...

You have been to Cable before, any stand out moments?

To be honest I’ve only played once before and I don’t think Chris has been before. But the last event with Chew The Fat was busy as hell and had such a good vibe going. Definitely made it up on my list of favourite London spots. We’ll have to see what it has in store for us next time…
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