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With an RA podcast under his belt, releases on Seth Troxler's Visionquest imprint, Sammy Dee's vinyl only label, Ultrastretch, Tolfrey's Leftroom and Retrofit, Matthew Burton is a spinner you definitely have to experience. With moody selections, raw sounding grooves, sets laden with unknown white label productions and effortless flow, Burton is sure to rip Relay apart.

We also managed to blag Matthew for a mix and he delivered an epic journey through head-down, stripped back grooves. Enjoy!

You currently reside in Berlin, what's it like for an Englishman living over there?

This is my second time living in Berlin. The first time i was here for 2 years and then we moved to London and now we're back again! Living in Berlin is very easy, the rent is cheap and its a really safe city so not many stresses day-to-day. Being an Englishman in Berlin is pretty easy, but the main thing I miss is the english sense of humour, not many people over here understand it.

How does the scene differ from london? How do you see things in London developing?

Both cities are quite different. London has more people going out to listen to the music, whereas Berlin has more people going out just to party. Its hard to say where how the london scene will evolve, there are loads of great producers in the UK (all my favourite ones are based there), but then it seems to get over run by this obvious stuff. However, there's loads of stuff being made by 'not real' producers to get well known - you know the "deep house" thing thats going on - anyway I hope there is less of that and more stuff from the really talented guys in the future.

Where do you see your music going this year? Which musical direction do you intend to take with it? More housey, more techno?

I can never answer that question because when I think I have made a techno track someone else will call it house.  I don't make anything too housey anyway, I guess my music has been steadily getting more stripped and raw this year with influences from both house and techno.

Who was the first producer you were really into and passionate about? Did this person make an impact into the sound you produce today?

I have always been into Lee Scratch Perry and the other guys from the same time who were making dub.  There style has had a big influence on my music. They kept the music so raw and instead of layering new elements to the track they would just strip things right back so you pay attention to something like the bassline that was present throughout. Although my music is not the same style their techniques work really well in dance music.

Which artists do you think we should be keeping an eye on? Who's emerging from the UK & Germany at the moment?

BLM from fear of flying, he has had a couple of great EPs out recently on Underground Quality and Tsuba. I have been friends with him a long time and he is making better music consistently than anyone else I know.

On the Friday your playing at the launch of Love Squared at Relay / Cable, London Bridge. Have you played there before? What can we expect from your performance?

I have not played there before, but I have been down there a few times and I'm really looking forward to playing. From the vibe i got from the place I think I will be bringing my druggy, trippy records with me. I always play a few styles from old electro, techno and techno influenced dubstep.

Catch Matthew spinning at Relay on Friday for the launch of Love Squared
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