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As Cable’s longstanding aficionados of dubstep, Dub All Or Nothing, have always stood a place in Cable history – as the brainchild of Ross & Ben, two London brothers, Dub All rose from a community spirit that bonded them with the crew at We Fear Silence and Cable. Ever since day one, it’s been that ‘we’re in this together’ ethic that’s kept Dub All alive and true, as it’s melded together originators of the dubstep scene alongside new up and comers – using the label arc of it’s business to put out the tunes that really struck a place in their heart. “We’re very family orientated, and we try and bring that to Dub All Or Nothing, in how we treat the fans, artists and everyone involved,” says Ross. From the label, a night - just as strong as Dub All’s ethic - came together, and soon the bookings were piling up, and the nights getting busier.

But April 2013 brings new ground for the Dub All Or Nothing, as for the first time ever, Ross and co pick up Cable’s coveted Saturday slot– where they’ll bring Hatcha, Bar 9, Coki and Reso, to the arches for a one night spectacular. We’re fully prepared for a very big night, and so you should be too. But where did it all start? We thought we’d ask the boys themselves for their own lowdown on everything Dub All.

After Ross decided to go off and train for the army, Ben, his brother and long-time musical playmate, spent his years gathering experience in the entertainment business – advising, formatting and consulting for other live events, all over the UK. When Ross returned, he made the quick step to retrace his musical roots, and began working off his experience recording on the same stations as Wiley, Lethal Bizzle and Dizzee Rascal. It was pirate radio that gave Ross access to the foray of as yet undiscovered talent; his introduction to grime seeing him come face to face with pioneers still riding the tide of pirate radio before their own boom period. With their genre set, their ethics materialising, and the contacts accessed – it was only a matter of time before the forming of Dub All.

“We focused on the tempo that both of us grew up with. Being from the old school garage scene, that’s what I became most active in, moving into grime – but dubstep came as the next logical step in the evolution of UK bass music, and we cottoned on quickly,” Ross says.

Both Ross and Ben, coming together as a pair, shaped the full picture of what Dub All, the club brand, was to be. Though they had their casual battles – “music is probably one of the only things we actually agree on,” says Ross - Dubstep was their natural evolution, and Ross’s introduction meant booking was any easy prospect – and that names started flooding in for the boys very quickly.

Fast forward a few years, and Dub All boast a headline position as one of Cable’s leading promoters. With both Cable and Dub All thriving on fresh thinking and forward-facing booking, be prepared for large expansions to the Dub All brand.

So what is it about Cable that Ross and the Dub All crew love so much? “It’s the crowd that make every single event we have, the vibe and feeling from every single person couldn’t be better than it is at Cable.”

Looking to the future of Dub All, what can we anticipate? “It’s the evolution of the music that I’m looking forward to most. Hopefully hitting the US is a big ambition of ours – 65% of our audience come from cross the pond – but more than anything it’s about expanding, growing,” says Ross.

Be sure to check out this special Tut Tut Child mix, before it all kicks off on Saturday

Dub-All Or Nothing // Saturday 20th April // Cable, London
Coki, Bar9, Hatcha, Reso, Tut Tut Child, Senzer, Mowbz, Skit, Enme, Hassassin, Spydaa + more

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Dub All Or Nothing - 20th April - Acts: Coki, Bar9, Hatcha, Reso, Tut Tut Child & more
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