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Sometimes the most prolific of artists go through periods of not releasing any new material. Whether this is due to heavy gigging or touring, or things going on in their personal lives we don't know, but it's always great when they return to the studio and starting signing off tracks again. Just a quick look on the brilliant FACT mag this morning and three artists have evidently been putting in the studio time.

Firstly, one of the main men behind dubstep's most prolific party, DMZ. And it's been a while. Loefah hasn't signed any new tracks as of yet, but word on the street is he's been sending out new material to DJs. A tune with MC Trigga has been floating around and Oneman has confirmed that it is in fact new material from Loefah. The track has no title as of yet but check it out below and watch this space. First played by Klose One on the School Records X Swamp81 take over on Rinse FM, it's a dark, bassy number that will definitely cause some serious damage to anyone standing infront of a bass bin.

Next up is a man who hasn't released anything in over two years. Kode9's new single entitled 'Xingfu Lu’/'Kan' first surfaced back in the summer of 2012 but it never really saw the light of day. Almost a year later the track is getting a release on his own label Hyperdub. It comes out in April, but you can listen to the A side below. The track has a foot-work vibe with an interesting blend between soft pads and hectically chopped vocals and thumping bass.

Lastly but certainly not least is a new EP from the Dark Sky trio. Their last solo EP was out in March of 2012 and although collaborating with BrEaCh on the recent 'The Click/Fallout EP' haven't released any original solo work since. The A-side is an energetic, brooding number with hints of acid and choppy lead lines, think the theme music from JAWS but revolutionised. It's B-side counter part (below) is deeper, slower, darker, with some hypnotising top lines that 'werp' around the mix like flubber undergoing some sort of techno-garage metamorphosis. Out on Tectonic on March 18th.

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