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The We Fear Silence boys are on a serious roll at the moment, throwing a mammoth party with Blueprint Records featuring Ben Klock, Blawan and DVS1 last weekend which was preceded by Goldie, Commix, Fabio and DJ Die the week before. Did we mention Boddika the weekend before that?

This weekend we welcome two heavy-hitting Nightslugs comrades. The label that was started by L-VIS 1990 and Bok Bok back in 2010 has risen furiously in the few short years since its inception, with some stellar releases including Jacques Greene's first release entitled (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want right up to the latest release Ballads by the above-mentioned L-VIS 1990. The pioneering of heavy percussion and outputs from the best (or strangest) elements of house, grime, techno, and dubstep are the labels flavour, and it tastes good.

Girl Unit's first release for Nightslugs was WUT; the ghetto tech crossover was a serious game changer. Was it minimal dubstep? Was it some RnB trainwreck? At first no one knew, but it saw two MASSIVE remixes by legend Claude VonStroke and became a seminal summer anthem of 2011. It's a sound you still hear today, just as fresh as it was back when it was released in November '10. 2012 saw the exchange of software for hardware and a new focus on sound. The Club Rez EP is a testament to this newfound pop sensibility, and we expect more of the same for 2013.

Lil Silva put out his first Nightslugs release in May of 2010 with Night Skanker, a raw sound that borders on grime with twerking percussion that adds a sense of mystified curiosity as to how he actually produced it in the first place. Much like the aforementioned WUT, it was a serious mark on the underground scene and indefinitely helped to carve out the sound that now makes up the genetic make-up of the label. Check out the VIP here.

These two essential members of the Nightslugs outfit are playing for We Fear Silence this weekend. If you want to see two people who's music has had a massive influence on the darker side of the underground scene, this is your place of education.

We Fear Silence // This Saturday // Cable London
Phaeleh, Girl Unit, Lil Silva, Deadboy, Scratcha DVA, Redinho, The Clairvoyants, LX One, Flight, Tasha & more.

More info / tickets are available here.

We Fear Silence present Phaeleh, Lil silva & more
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