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Since signing to Hospital Records back in 2003 Nu:Tone, born Dan Gresham, has been on quite a roll. With 3 highly regarded albums already on the street plus a further LP out this week, we thought it perfect timing to catch up the busy beatsmith. We discuss sibling rivalry, kids and what we should expect from him tonight at Swerve.

You were signed to hospital records back in 2003, how did you hook up with them?

It was very old fashioned - I sent them a CD with a load of new material and they invited me for a meeting. When I went to that, I took along another two CDs of unreleased stuff. By the end of the day I was pretty much sold!

When you first broke onto the scene you had a lot of big and established artists supporting your stuff. Do you return the favor with current up n coming acts?

I was very lucky to have advice and support from some of my favourite artists - people like Fabio, Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Matrix, John B, Grooverider. These were all artists that I would travel just to hear them play, let alone playing my music! I always remember the first time I got genuine feedback from Marcus, it was a huge help and really pointed me in the right direction. I always try to do the same for up-and-coming artists, although it's impossible to get back to everybody. My approach is that if I hear something - anything - in a track that I think has real potential, I'll always try to let the artist know, and give them a few pointers where possible. I'm really loving new stuff by Harvest and Level

Last year you released your highly regarded third album ‘Words and Pictures’. What inspired you to release it and when will we be seeing a follow up?

It was a long project working towards that last album. I wanted to create an entire album of vocals, and anybody who's worked on an original vocal tune will know that that's a lot of work! It's hugely enjoyable though, and I'm really glad I've done it. The next album will be different, but to be totally honest I'm not sure how just yet. I'm starting on a load of new collaborative work with my brother Logistics under our Nu:Logic name. That side of things had to take a backseat while Matt was finishing his album, but now we're both able to throw ourselves into that again.

Your kids mean a lot to you, how would you feel about them wanting to follow in your DJ/Producer footsteps?

I'd love it! I think anybody is delighted if their kids show interest in what they do. Mostly, I hope that they grow up as happy, confident people, whatever path they choose to take.

You have two successful producing brothers; Logistics and Other Echoes, is there any sibling rivalry between you all?

Any rivalry is friendly – we all enjoy each others success hugely, and I get a huge buzz out of the fact that I get to work with my family on a regular basis.

How do you normally prepare for your performances? What can we expect from your set at Swerve?

I'm pretty old school in my approach to DJing really, I'm in the studio during the week working on new music and picking up tracks as I go along. Then before a show I'll draw together what I've collected over the week, burn off a few CDs, and then that's me sorted. Although I have huge respect for DJs who plan spectacular 1hr performances, I tend to freestyle my sets completely. It keeps me on my toes and makes the whole experience more spontaneous. Most importantly, it allows me to adapt to the crowd where necessary.

Anything else we should know about?

I have a new album out this week, under my 'Danism' name – it's a side-project that's been knocking around for nearly 10 years now. It consists of me and another guy called Dan, and we produce house music. Danism - Sine Of The Times

Catch Nu:Tone spinning at Swerve - Wednesday 25th April
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