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Hailing from The Netherlands Henk Van Zwol aka Olene Kadar is a DJ and producer famed for his striking live sets of infused futuristic techno. Since his signing to Dapayk ‘s Mo’s Ferry in 2008 Olene Kadar’s style has continually evolved to the stage it’s at today – forward thinking and authentic. With releases from labels like Nervous Records and Mo’s Ferry in the pipeline he’s gradually building up a timeless collection of modern day techno classics and we took some time to see what fuels his creative fires ahead of his appearance at Talk Is Cheap on 28th January.

Let’s start by finding a little bit about how you first got into music and producing, where and when did you discover your love for house music?
It all started at a young age when I discovered hardcore, the first electronic music I was completely into. I lived pretty far away from record-stores and I didn’t have internet until I was 17 or 18 so I couldn’t find good music and search for music which led me to start creating my own!

What is the one piece of kit that you couldn’t be without in your studio?
My recently bought Korg electribe and reaktor.

How methodical are you in the studio or do you let your creative side do the talking and things develop naturally?
I start every track in a different way. When I’m busy with the track and during the process I get more and more ideas on how to finish the track, when these ideas develop I will know whether it’s worth finishing. I got so many snippets of tracks where the ideas didn’t lead to anything. I only ever finish around 5% of the tracks I start.

What personal piece of music or remix has stood out for you and why?
Maybe the remix I did for Skybox’s good for the soul wasn’t that bad. I like the darker side to the track, it really reflects on how I felt back then.

What releases and remixes do you have planned for 2012?
I have planned an experimental album with broken beats, and a mix of different styles. Most of the tracks are short and for listening only. I finished the album a few years ago and finally the time has come to release it. As for Olene Kadar I have nothing planned just yet, I had a horrible year production wise as I didn’t make that much music. However I have recently moved into a new apartment and got all the stuff from my studio and put it in the bedroom, and must say this is the best decision I have made in years! I thought it would be great to have a studio out of the house, but I felt under pressure to make music when I went to the studio because that was the only reason I was there. Now I just make music all day, and combine this with gaming, playing records, laundry, cooking, watching TV and doing nothing.

Are you looking forward to coming and playing in London again?
Yeah for sure, last and first time was amazing, really nice people and a good audience. I really liked London before I’d ever been there. I’d also really like to visit London for a longer time during the Olympics this summer.

What do you most like to do when away from the studio or gigging?
Chilling with friends, I always try to do something else not music related but it’s very very hard.

Who are you most feeling within the scene at the moment, who should we look out for in 2012?
For a while now I’m really into the East European electronic music, it’s been a while since music and other artists inspired me so much. There are so many good, young artists, it’s just not possible for me to say, specifically, who to look out for in 2012.

Finally what can we at Talk Is Cheap expect from an Olene Kadar live set in 2012?
It always depends on the crowd; the crowd is my energy to play. I have hours and hours of music in my set, so every set is different. But I know that you can expect some good quality electronic house music and I also hope to surprise the crowd!

Olene Kadar will be playing at Talk Is Cheap at Cable on 28th January 2012 alongside Inland Knights, Lovebirds, Jedd Barry and more.
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