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Having risen through the ranks to prominence as a private radio station DJ, Hatcha has always encouraged the spread of dubstep to the populous. But when he landed his slot on Kiss FM for a regular weekly show, he found a chance to talk to a mainstream market about the music he’d found growing up around him in South London.

With every week a new stir of special guests, collaborations and wicked play listing – Hatcha and Crazy D make a tidy game of putting the underground sounds at the frontline of their broadcasts.

With this week’s show coming live and direct from Kiss HQ, P Money and Distance joined the duo for the ride. With a tasty tracklisting that sported the likes of Jakes, Distance and Coki, the last of which he’ll play alongside at next week’s Dub All Or Nothing.

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Dub-All Or Nothing // Saturday 20th April // Cable, London
Coki, Bar9, Hatcha, Reso, Tut Tut Child, Senzer, Mowbz, Skit, Enme, Hassassin, Spydaa + more

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