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The inspiration for his name comes from a childhood love of collectable spherical cards but the sounds emanating from his decks when DJing are anything but elementary. Quite a character both in the DJ booth and recording studio P0gman has stunned many a dancer with his tunes such as ‘Caviar Cartel’ and ‘Blasted’ over the last year. Ahead of his performance at Cable for Dub-All Or Nothing he has kindly served up a mix for the night featuring some tunes of his own as well as Habstrakt, 12 Gauge and Vodex. We got a few minutes to chat with him about superheroes, brostep what he wants for Christmas.

We have to ask, how did you get your name?
Me and my mate Perm (who now lives in China) were thinking of names when I made my first tune, which is cringier than anything ever. We were thinking about things from our childhood that we loved and pogs came up. Straight away P0gman was chosen and I never looked back haha.

How and when did you first find yourself getting in to dubstep?
I listened to a lot of Metal and Hardcore but always had time for Garage and Drum & Bass due to my older brother and cousins. The thing I loved most about these genres was the bass. So when I first heard dubstep in around 2006 I was amazed to find a genre that was completely driven by bass which I myself can relate to the 'drop' in Dubstep as I always enjpyed the breakdwon in Metal.

What's changed most about the scene since then?

The scene in my eyes has done what any scene does. It’s evolved and branched off in different directions. I love all types of Dubstep and hate the whole arguments between the 'deep' and the 'brostep'. If its good its good I think. If it makes you move and it sounds good in your ear then listen to it . But hating on different things is stupid. If you don’t like it don’t listen to it, end of. To me I think the genre is heading onwards and upwards all the time and is slowly taking over (especially when I hear Dubtsep on golf adverts and CBBC haha). All that needs to change in my eyes is the hate needs to f**k off.

If P0gman were a superhero/villain, what powers would he have?

This is a tricky one. I’m guessing I would have the power to turn people into Mr Soft-like characters when they hear my music. All just wobbling about the place and losing control. I’m kinda trying to work on this as we speak, hence why my tunes are very wobbly.

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations musically?
I try and take inspiration from all areas. I would say in the Dubstep world that Jakes and the Hench sound had a big influence on my wet wobbly sound. But I always looked up to the heads like Skream and Benga in my earlier days. I love all sorts of music and try to listen to a lot to get different ideas .

You've got some quirky illustration on your different releases, who does your graphics and what was the inspiration behind them?

The P0gman EP artwork was done by Eptic who is a f**king genius musically and art wise. I love to have a laugh and I try not to take life too serious so I enjoy quirky more 'fun' artwork. A close friend of mine, Jason Bryant, who is a graphic designer did my purple P0g logo which I am a massive fan of and he is working on more as we speak. The latest thing is my Run DMC themed picture which was made by Jasper from 12 Gauge (another massively talented musician and artist).

You’re playing at Dub-All Or Nothing as part of the Chronos Records takeover, are you looking forward to the night? Any tunes that you can’t wait to unleash on our soundsystem?!
I am looking forward to this night massively. I’ve heard massive things about Dub-All Or Nothing at Cable and can’t wait to get on the decks and have a sick night with you all. Got a nice few collaborations with some big producers that no one has heard yet and also a few remixes that I’m hoping will be done by the time I play . The 12 Gauge collaboration that hasn’t been put up anywhere and is always a good one to unleash and also I have many P0ggie dubs that no one has heard yet so you guys will get first dibs.

Lastly a seasonal question! If you could have anything for Xmas you would choose?
I would love more blank pogs for my pog maker so I could make pogs for you ALLLL. But they are so fucking hard to come by nowadays.

Pogman - Dub-All Or Nothing Promo Mix by cablelondon


Marger - My Thing (p0gman Remix)
Sub ANtix - Culture Shock (p0gman Remix)
Bukez Finest – Crackhead
Vodex - Gassed
P0gman - Shake (Sub Antix Remix)
Substantial Error - Wasted
Boy Kid Cloud - Forver
Habstrakt - Rough
12 Gauge & P0gman - First Blood
D-Jahsta - Monster Skank
Vodex - Wolf Dub
12 Gauge - PEW PEW

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