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4 years ago Phaeleh (pronounced "Fella") burst onto the scene with his debut EP 'Reflections' and has since become one of the scene's most exciting producers with his ambient 'forward-looking' take on Dubstep. Although regularly labelled "Ambient Dubstep," it's impossible to pigeon hole his sound and his production constantly crosses genres, varies in tempo and takes on different structural forms and musical directions. It's this refreshing outlook that has one him fans in the industry such as Scuba, Skream, N Type and loads more.

We're lucky, then, to have caught up with the man for a swift exchange of word ahead of his gig at Cable on 22nd June

Firstly, for the unlucky ones who don't already know, could you please sum up who you are, where you’re from, and what you do?

My name is Matt, I’m based in Bristol and produce under the name ‘Phaeleh’. I’m generally known for making quite chilled and melodic bass music; though do make the occasional heavier tune too.

2012 has been a busy year for you, you've appeared all over Europe and the UK. Where've you enjoyed playing the most so far?

Always a tricky question this one, but I have a lot of fond memories of Poland, Budapest, Ukraine and Russia. Holland is always a laugh too. Though now I think about it, my time in New Zealand and Australia had a lot of funny moments. I think it’s pretty much impossible to pick one, been fortunate enough to play some amazing places for some really nice promoters, so generally enjoy all the gigs I do.

You dabble with several musical instruments, tell us how you incorporate this in the studio.

I play quite a few instruments, but the main one that gets used in the tunes is the guitar. There are some obvious examples of it in songs like In The Twilight, Should Be True, Numb and Lounge, but there’s normally some guitar lurking in most tracks.

There's been a lot of talk of a new album, any info you can share with us?

I’ve recently started writing again, after the last 12 months were taken up by gigs and other things. I’m aiming to get the album ready for a release early next year. I really want to spend a lot of time on it as the last few releases were all written very quickly. In terms of music it will definitely sound like me, though I think it’s looking like it will be a lot more diverse than previous releases, and be more of an electronic album rather than a Dubstep one.

Some quick fire questions...

Enlighten us on 3 artists that you're digging right now.

I’d have to go with DJ Rum, Congi and anyone on the DECA Rhythm label.

3 tunes that are ripping it up?

Congi – Somnium, SPD – Tunwan, Orphan101 - Grit

Favourite 3 Phaeleh tunes?

In The Twilight, Numb, J-One – All I Need (Phaeleh Remix) (If I can’t chose a remix then I’ll go with ‘Losing You’)

You'll be playing for Loud Noise & Mono Audio at Cable on June 22nd, which of course, we are more than excited about! You've played at Cable before, what do you think of the place?

Yeah I’ve been really lucky to play a couple of the Shogun Audio nights and a Get Darker rave there. Enjoyed every set I’ve played there, always seems to be a great crowd and wicked vibes so looking forward to coming back!

Finally, What else does the rest of the year have in store for you?

Well I’m trying to slow down on gigs now so that I can spend a bit of time getting to work on the new album. That’s my definite focus for the rest of 2012, though hopefully I’ll still find some time for some touring towards the end of the year. There should be a remix 12” of my track ‘The Cold In You’ dropping on Afterglo in the summer, though I'll have more details on that soon. I’ve also written a new track called ‘Orchid’ for Rob Booths forthcoming Electronic Explorations album, which I’m pretty excited about. Think that’s getting a release around July.
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