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Rob Ellis, better known as Pinch, was one of the original DJ/producers hailing from Bristol's seemingly unlimited palette of Bass music talent. He released his first album "Underwater Dancehall" back in 2007 on the forward thinking, boundary pushing record Label Tectonic Recordings; which he founded. But Pinch had already established himself as a leading figure in the scene long before this. After experiencing a Kode 9 set at the legendary FWD, London back in 2003, Pinch was inspired enough to go back to his hometown Bristol and launch the first pure Dubstep night outside of FWD, "Subloaded." Since then he has released a string of successful outputs on labels such as Tectonic recordings and Loefah's Swamp 81, which he now calls his "second home." He continues to experiment with his production, constantly pushing the sound to new heights and taking it down new avenues.

Pinch will be headlining at Cable for Loud Noise x Mono Audio on June 22nd, along with Swamp 81 bud Zed Bias, fellow Bristolian Phaeleh, J:Kenzo, Horsepower Production's Benny Ill and Deep Medi's Commodo. Ahead of this, we were lucky enough to catch up for a quick chat...

Briefly talk us through how Tectonic Recordings was formed...

Tectonic was formed in 2005 and the first release was a collaboration between myself and the mysterious P Dutty - called 'War Dub'. At the time there was only a handful of dubstep releases and lots of cool tracks on dub - so it seemed the right thing to do...

The label started primarily as a Dubstep label, do you still see this as the case? Likewise, would you consider yourself as primarily a Dubstep artist?

I guess I see both myself and the output of the label as still being part of the 'original spirit of dubstep' - which keeps it quite open in my mind. I do see Tectonic and the future of the label's output as being open to new musical directions and tempos while remaining faithful to certain core sensibilities.

What is your take on the term "Dubstep?" And what are your views on the extraordinary contrast between today's extremely energetic, pop-like sound and the original Dark, "space & bass" sound
Dubstep for me used to be about a deep, cinematic sound - with interesting, creative percussion that built foundations for exploring new sounds and textures. I don't really like the pop flavoured dubstep sound that's been dominating the airwaves recently - but that's hardly going to be surprising news for anyone who knows anything about me at all!

Tectonic Plates Volume 3 showcases a variety of soundscapes, from Kevin Mcphees - Outs, laced with omnious chords and sharp breakbeats; to Addison Groove's Phantom, a hyper funky fusion on sub bass and strings. It's clear Tectonic now maintains it's juxtaposed genre-less affection, what direction do you wish Tectonic to take in the future?

Just keep on pushing forward with new and interesting sounds that connect to the label's output. I get bored easily and the idea of being stuck on one sound forever seems wrong to me.

Compilations often released by labels offer a bore of their latest releases, Tectonic seems to stray from this by offering a seductive Dubstep / Techno crossover. What are your views on other boundary pushers Swamp 81 and 3021's most recent output?

I am very much into Swamp 81 and their output which is why I decided to make it my second home for releasing music after Tectonic. I think the label, with Loefah at the helm, is giving the UK underground dance music scene a much needed kick up the arse and I fully endorse it in every way.

We have a particular date, June 22nd, to look forward to of course, on which you'll be headlining our show at Cable, London, along with Zed Bias, Phaeleh, J:Kenzo, Benny Ill from Horsepower and Deep Medi's Commodo. But apart from this, what are your plans for the near future?

I have a bunch of studio projects on the go - some collaborative, like the Deleted Scenes project I do with Distance, or some tracks I've done with Roska - some I can't go into yet. I'm also trying to get some solo stuff down since all my recent has been focused around collabs. Got a few festivals over the summer too and plenty of releases lined up for the label so lots to keep me busy with!

Catch pinch spinning at Loud Noise x Mono audio on June 22nd - Click here for more details
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